Indian Cuisine in US Kitchen !

on April 29, 2014


Of all known activities on this Earth, cooking was a nightmare for me since childhood. However with each upgrade on the ladder of life I learnt the art of cooking.My culinary skills were still nascent when I was put to test to cook Indian recipes in an US model kitchen. For some the transition may not matter but for me it did! The basics got changed completely.

Gas stove got replaced with an induction plate. 

Pro : No need to worry when to order a new gas cylinder.

Con: Finding the right temperature to cook

The  thin steel coated and microwave utensils.(I brought my typical Indian stuff with me). 

Pro: Couldn’t see any advantage !

Con: I always burnt my dish or use to keep standing for long hours to cook slowly.

The Vegetables, Grains, Pulses !

Pro: A lot of  variety …

Con: We don’t eat most of them. Each vegetable will have multiple varieties to confuse you at the maximum level possible. Eg: Potatoes : Sweet potato, Red Potato, Potato (for baking), Potato (for frying) , Idaho Potato and few more. Rice will be – Chinese sticky rice, brown rice, yellow rice, Basmati rice, rice etc .

The Dishwasher !

Pro: Supposedly, you don’t need a maid to clean your utensils.

Con: It’s not equipped to clean our Indian cooked utensils. Too oily !

The Fire Alarm

The pressure cooker whistle, the allu ka paratha , dal ka tadhka or roti have full potential to trigger the fire alarm here. Be careful otherwise, the fire brigade may knock your door!

The Tea

It eventually got replaced with coffee and coffee creamers because the tea will not taste the same because of water or milk !

The Tofu 

The tasty panner paratha got replaced with almost tasteless tofu.

The list will be endless. All this eventually led to discussions  and finding new ways with few fellow friends who are either overcoming or has already overcome the hurdles. After all the tests, trials and experiments finally I can say I am a proud cook who can make almost all regular Indian dishes here. And now if anyone need any advice of how to make Indian cuisine in US Kitchen, I can give some valuable tips too!

Oh yeah, we finally found an Indian store as well ….. 😀


5 responses to “Indian Cuisine in US Kitchen !

  1. Divya says:

    hmmmm….. i can smell d pardesi panner paratha frm here only…. 😉

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  2. partatha and parotha are so delcious. I have a fair share of authentic Indian food each week (caregivers mum is South Indian) and I prepare Korean cuisine (I lived in Korea a few years) rarely is there an “American” meal in my home.

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