Grand Canyon – The Painted Desert

on May 27, 2014


Grand Canyon is an assertion what wonders nature can do! More than 6000 ft deep and 300 miles long it captures almost 2 billion years old history in itself which has been exposed by a single stream of river – The Colorado River.

This picturesque landscape also stores lots of activities for its visitors. You can either go for a helicopter tour, river rafting, hiking, cycling, etc. or just enjoy the cool breeze and the great view like us. All the adventure activities requires a pre-planning and booking.

We preferred to drive from Phoenix to Grand Canyon – South Rim, which is open all round the year. I think driving is one of the best option as you get a chance to see all the scenic views on the way. There were big cactus plants, dwarf pines, hills, pine trees on way to Grand Canyon and all make your journey more beautiful.

 IMG_7355 (2)IMG_7357IMG_7361

You have an option of stopping at Tusayan and taking free shuttle for Grand Canyon from IMAX Theater or driving upto Grand Canyon Visitor Center and then taking the free Park Shuttle Service. We preferred the other option so that we can drive upto Desert View Point also, which is not covered by shuttle service. The tickets are available at the park entrance only. Try to reach the park as early as possible because getting a parking place is very difficult.

From Grand Canyon Visitor Center we took a walk to Mather Point and there u see the first view of majestic Grand Canyon! Then you can take the free shuttle rides for Hermit Road (Red Bus Line) and Yavapai Road (Orange Bus Line). There are restaurants and rest points in between at various locations. Hermit Road is only accessible by park shuttle or cycles, private vehicles are not allowed. There are around 15 points where the shuttles will stop and you can go around those view points. Hopi Point is one of the best points as it gives you a 360° view. Look out for elks on the way, we found 3-4 moving around the forest.

IMG_20140524_142756 (2)

After completing the bus tours, we took a break at Grand Canyon Visitor Center and then started for Desert View Point which is about 25 miles from Grand Canyon Visitor’s Center. In between there are multiple view points and the drive through pine forests makes the journey more amazing. Reach Desert View Watchtower and climb to the top of the tower, hold your breath for sometime and see around, there is peace and a sense of achievement. The cool breeze and the view is surely going to make your day. We soon realised why is it called a painted desert. Each layer of rock is so strategically placed, it’s hard to believe that all this can happen naturally.  God has taken his own time to put a paint stroke and build the layers. It doesn’t deserve to be called as a desert, it’s a heaven .. a painted heaven !!

Unfortunately, it started raining just before the sunset otherwise I would suggest you to watch the sunset from here and complete your day. We decided to go to Flagstaff and have our dinner there. And on the way we found this:

IMG_7637 (2)

Till it got dark the place kept on amazing us by its beautiful landscape and if I get a chance again, I am sure to visit the place again.

There are restaurants in Tusayan as well but we were looking for an Indian Restaurant which are available either in Flagstaff or Sedona. People advised us to visit Sedona as well but we couldn’t make it there. If you want to stay then there are staying options available both inside the park and in Tusayan ( 7 miles away from the park). All the bookings for Grand Canyon National Park and Tusayan are done through or contact 888-297-2757.


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  1. The Grand Canyon is breathtaking. I have a few photos to remind me of it. I think I also visited the South Rim as well.

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