About a Girl.

on May 30, 2014

I distinctly remember the day of our Career Counselling Workshop (2003). Each of us eagerly waiting to know whats going to happen. What made few of us more excited was to hear from the experts that ‘Engineering’ is not the only option. Sadly, till then the notion prevailed and I guess still the school authorities do … students with higher marks should pursue science and rest to opt for commerce or arts. I always felt this as utter non-sense.As far as I remember and the rumors went on that day none of us exactly knew what we want to be except one – Tanushree Bhargava (for us “Tanu”).The Counselor took some test and started calling each one of us to discuss in person. We were discussing among ourselves what its going to be inside and what they may tell us. The report will be seen by parents, so they must suggest something good.Amid all that hanky – panky, Tanu suddenly pops out: “I don’t care what anyone says, I want to be a Psychologist”. We all gave her a look, a nasty one may be!Its been a decade now and all of us are doing what we want to. But she is among those for whom I can say that she actually knew her dreams and followed it or may be she predicted it for herself ;-)After completing her Bachelors from Delhi University and Masters from BHU, Varanasi she started working in New Delhi, India. Today she is a famous independent Psychologist and a Holistic Healer. Yesterday she appeared as a guest in news channel as a Tarot Card Reader for predicting the results of 2014 LS Election. It felt amazing to see her there and realizing how determined she was in 2003! I too have a personal bend towards her because in her initial career days whatever she predicted for me was 101 % right. :-)Today when I sit and think of about her, I realised that how important it is to do what you want and be confident and determined towards your goal. She must have passed through many hurdles in these ten years but I never saw her moving backward. We generally like to follow things that are in popular culture rather thinking what we actually want to do. Everyone may not be Tanu, who exactly knows what he/she should do at all times but what we can learn from her to be focused on our dreams. She is a true example and a trendsetter of what determination and will can achieve.We ( all your DPS buddies) wish you loads of luck for all your future endeavors.

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