Thanks PRAN !!

on August 6, 2014


Our generation will always remember the man “jiska dimag computer se bhi tej chalta hai“. RIP Pran.

Recently, I have been to San Diego which held the Comic Con 2014. People were dressed in the attire of their favorite cartoon characters and super heroes. It was amazing to see them all. But imagine, if we could give it a desi touch and have a comic con in our own style! We will see so many Chacha Chaudhary(s), Sabu(s), Rocket(s), Pinki(s), Billu(s) …. n so on. For me even the thought of having something like this is amazing. Its like re-living your childhood.

I am not a fiction loving person but was always an avid reader of Chacha Chaudhary comics. As a kid, I always knew that Chacha Chaudhary will set things right at the end. This frail old Indian man in a red turban, a wooden stick, a waistcoat with a pocket watch,  dominated most of our childhood times. On this day, when Pran left us with his immortal cartoon characters, there are several things we can learn from our loved Chacha :

  1. Common Sense can solve most of our problems. You don’t need 6 pack abs or a super power.
  2. Seek the advice from your elders, they know how to deal it better.
  3. Enjoy everything that you do.
  4. Be friends to all , even men from other worlds (Sabu)!
  5. Realization of crime is better than punishment without any repentance.
  6. Truth always triumps.
  7. Have love and care for animals. (Rocket was an adopted street dog)
  8. Above all, Chacha was always afraid of Chachi but knew how to handle her!! Wife is the boss. 😉

Let’s not let the values of Chacha Chaudhary die and pay a tribute to the Great Indian Cartoonist “PRAN” .



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