Don’t Blame God for Wrong Insurance Policy !

on August 8, 2014

Law Succour

acts of god

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Do you actually read before you sign any legal document specially your insurance policies? Those of you who actually do must have come across a phrase “ACTS OF GOD“. 

You will wonder why the phrase gains so much importance in a legal document. If we tell you in simple terms, it is a WARNING before you sign your insurance policy. 

ACTS OF GOD means any act or circumstance due to the act which it is beyond the control of human being. It include wars, riots, fire, earthquake, tsunami, flood,hurricane,volcano etc. The other legal phrases which are used in place of Acts of God are Inevitable Accidents, Natural Calamity, Acts of Nature. 

Now why this gains so much importance in insurance policies ! 

Most of the time insurance policies exclude the damage occurred due to Acts of God. So, if your insurance policy does not…

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