Breaking The Ice – Beyond Law

on August 20, 2014

The internet has recently been swept up by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Is there a cause – social,political, cultural, or other – you passionately believe in ?


The believe stems from the days of my first Internship at CRY, New Delhi as a first year law student(2007). Being an Indian, I had always read and heard about the miseries an Indian girl or a woman has to go through each an every day but the internship experience made me believe that the wounds of an Indian women are much deeper!

We were a bunch of students from different educational background and were given a task to conduct a survey and make a report on “Female Foeticide”. Initially, I thought the idea of conducting the survey in South Delhi (one of the posh areas in India) is highly illogical as most of the people staying here are educated. They are aware of the fact that Female Foeticide is a crime. Why will anyone do so? Why will the elite class indulge in this heinous crime? My thinking was, dowry system is the reason of why people go for Female Foeticide. The rich ones, even if they pay dowry (which is again illegal), can afford it. Why would they kill !!

The survey began and we met people in and around South Delhi posh colonies, the villages around, doctors, ministers and whoever possible related to the issue. With each passing day the urge to shout and say “STOP” grew stronger and stronger. My basics were wrong, the truth was that I had never expected.

Doctors, one of the most noble professions, were committing the crime and instigating people to kill the female inside the womb to extract money. Life saver was playing the role of Life taker. The reason for committing the crime by different families were numerous and varied from different class of people depending upon their monetary status. The lower income group people thought – the male child will help in earning income for the family and hence family needs will be taken care, if they marry their son then they will get dowry whereas for a girl they have to pay. The middle income group people thought – we cannot afford more than two children, why to have a girl then and the high income group thought – only a boy can run the family name,pride and property. There were many reasons given by the families as to why they should not have a girl child in the family.

The rate of female foeticide (in this region) was more among the higher and the middle income group who are highly educated and qualified. I was dumbstruck! What education has done to our country ? I would have never believed that education can kill someone. While speaking to few women whose child were killed in their wombs, they told us that many of them did not even realise that their child has been killed by some family members by giving some home tonics and food under the sham of something good. Few of them were beaten to death for bearing a female child and forced to undergo an abortion. Someone’s husband married another women and divorced her because she only conceives a girl child.

These were just few narrations that I illustrated here, there were more. The plight of those women is difficult to be described in words. How can someone kill an unborn or the emotional trauma the mother would have undergone or how the Doctor can do this are hard to imagine. I doubt only law and education can tame such minds. Much more is required but I wonder what ?

This was the story of that region which appeared so much brighter to me before. As a law student I could not do much for those who shared their miseries with me. We tried to tell people about their rights and responsibilities and submitted our report to CRY.  Being a girl, I feel and take pride in every opportunity to tell people how important a girl or woman is. World will never be so great without her. Value her.


One response to “Breaking The Ice – Beyond Law

  1. shalinibera says:

    What an irony – our (women) fights begins from even coming in our mom’s womb – and they say (world) – we r weak

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