Decorating Our First Home Together

on August 21, 2014

Got married in December 2013 and then began the foremost task of decorating our first home together. We like the colour Blue and decided to have it as our theme as it brings tranquility after our all day busy schedule.  Here we started with our endless hunt for furniture, decor,electronics etc. which should match our style, budget, space and making unanimous decisions for each and everything. I say “unanimous decisions” because two of us had too many differences in choosing our items. For him certain things were cool but according to me those were outdated. I would like some stuff, he will hold me saying its out of our budget.

We visited each and every furniture and home decor shop in and around the locality to find exactly what we are looking for. With too many options around, it is very easy to get confused and be convinced with your decision. The next item we see, always looked better  than the before! The kick-start was exciting but trust me at some points it became daunting! After a lot of confusion, we finally reconciled on most of our stuff and were clear about each other’s taste and preferences. After the whole process, I say we now know each other better.  Oh then there were gifts for our new home, which we received on our Wedding which must be adjusted. Seriously we did not expect it to be so hard.

We almost got everything that we require in our new home to make it the most comfortable place on earth for us. But my craziness to add more or change a bit in the home will never go and shall not. Now when makemyhome is providing with such wonderful home decor items and at such a discounted price, any girl will get tempted and so am I.

So I think, I will pick-up these three things from makemyhome and give a small make-over to my love nest.




We already have lots of furniture in our home now but a blue painted wall behind the couch is still waiting for something to embrace it. This shiny silver colour round mirror completes the look. It gives a glamour to my living room within my budget and without eating away our moving space within the home.


This will be a new addition to my love of lamps and candles. The small flower petals will reflect the right amount of light to set the mood to enjoy an ideal evening with our loved ones or watch a late night movie. This is how a small thing can change so much !


This comfortable Football Bean Bag which is easy to carry and can fit anywhere will provide an easy and casual sitting space in our living room and goes perfectly well with my blue decor.

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