10 Minute Challenge !

Write on anything that I can think of, the only condition is that I have 10 minutes. Sounds exciting! I have started with the challenge and yet unsure of what will follow. Since I am strictly following the rules of this game, my fingers are just typing and I am just flowing with them.

I feel I am back to school playing some fun game with my friends where we used to write name, place, animal and an object name starting with an alphabet and race who will win. This made us learn about a lot of places, a lot about animals and things and the ability to think fast. There were more games of such kind and I wish to play them with my friends again.

And now I can think of some quotes which I came across while reading or browsing internet:

1. This shall pass too. Good or Bad, everything will pass and other will come. It’s a vicious cycle of life.

2. Time is relativity. When u want it to stop, it runs. When you want it to run, it pause.

This ten minutes have been absolute fun for me. Numerous thoughts crossed¬†my mind, many dreams have started floating again and by the end of this ten minutes I know I THINK TOO MUCH. ūüėõ


Happy Blogging!


Our Journey To Mars

With eyes glued on live telecast of MANGALYAN, our happiness had no bounds when ISRO declared its success of “MOM“. After waiting for the¬†longest 12.5 minutes when MANGALYAN entered the Mar’s orbit, we all fluttered with joy and heart filled with pride that we as a nation has achieved it.

My joy doubled after hearing our Prime Minister Modi’s speech that we are the first Asian country to reach Red Planet and the first nation to achieve success in its maiden attempt. What genius our scientists are, nothing to wonder though. Later on reading some articles, facebook updates and browsing other social media I came across more interesting facts regarding MOM and thought of sharing those with you all.

  1. Our budget for Mangalyan was less than Hollywood science fiction “Gravity“. We believe in reality.
  2. The size of Mangalyan is about a Nano car.
  3. India is the first country in the world to successfully enter the Mars orbit, after the Soviet Union, United States and Europe.
  4. The cost of the Mars Orbiter Mission is about Rs.4 per Indian.
  5. Mangalyan was build in just 15 months.
  6. Fully integrated and fueled for flight, Mangalyaan weighs about 1,337 Kilograms.
  7. MOM will try to find water and methane on Mars which are essential for sustainability of life. It will be orbiting Mars for about 160 days.
  8. Trip to Mars was around 680 million kilometers which was completed in 200 days. It was exactly on the day our scientist estimated it to be, i.e, 24th September, 2014.
  9. It takes approximately 12 minutes to send and receive signals between Earth and Mangalyan.
  10. Probes to Mars have a high failure rate. Of the 51 missions so far, only 21 have been successful. A similar mission by China failed in 2011.

India is truly shining. Let’s pledge to continue on this path of success.¬†

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Walk In Vegas!

Amid the mountain ranges lies this human masterpiece of entertainment –¬†LAS VEGAS !! This is a paradise for nightlife lovers. If you are planning to stick to Casinos and the Nightlife of Vegas, make your stay arrangements at or near The Strip¬†where lies the heart of Vegas. Those who are interested in some day trips can visit Grand Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam and other day excursions organised by the local travelling agents.

Start with the epic Fabulous Las Vegas Sign.¬†Take some photographs¬†as a souvenir from the trip.¬†Move towards the Strip and gear up to wander on your foot. Here I literally mean you to gear up as¬†you have to walk more than you have ever expected it to be. So girls, try to avoid heels. For the boys, you need not drape yourself in your suits unless you want to be in. Casuals are allowed inside the casinos. On the Strip follow your heart and go wherever it takes you. It’s Vegas, so do as you wish to. No one can tell you what will you like the most. Each casino will have its own special attraction which can only be discovered by going inside. The skyline filled with lights and music, crowded street and huge striking architecture of the casinos will take your breath away. The casino architectures are nothing less than an art in itself. Practically the entire world is here for you.Visit the famous pyramids of Egypt at Luxor, give a toast to your taste buds at the highest restaurant inside the Eiffle Tower, click your photo in front of¬†Statue of Liberty, stroll around the miniature city of¬†Paris and¬†Newyork,¬†walk in your dreamland at¬†Ceasers Palace (Forum Shops), Bellagio (The Bellagio Fountain), Wynn, Excalibur, Cosmopolitan, MGM Grand. Most of them have spectacular shopping malls of all the brands you can think of, souvenir shops and food courts, Irish pubs, bars to take care of your appetite.

Don’t miss out on the road show performance done by the local people. Some of them are really spectacular and mind blowing. A kid’s dance tribute to Michael Jackson, someone signing his/her heart out for the crowd or someone just making an extraordinary painting in seconds, it all happens on the roads of Vegas and must not be missed out. People dressed up in famous movie characters of Hangover, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe roam around the streets and ready to click a photo with you for a dollar or two. If you are looking for some great shows and exhibitions going inside the casinos then try to have early ticket booking. You can check the show details here.

We always look out for Indian lunch buffets and were happy to find few here as well. So I will recommend: Mint Indian Bistro, Bombay Las Vegas Indian Cusine. There are ample number of restaurants having multiple cuisine, road-side food stalls so burp on anything you like to. ūüôā

It took us two nights to hangout at the Strip only. In case you find yourself with some time left then go for the day tours or enjoy the nightlife in Fremont Street or Downtown Vegas.

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I love to plan my things. Be it next day’s lunch/cloths or next week’s shopping or next month’s travel plan or next year’s moving to a new home. Yes! most of the times I have a plan for myself. Not because it involves less risks but because I believe it makes the event perfect. Though sometimes the plan works out sometimes not but that’s how my life has been so far. So here is a glimpse of my next planning for the Things I Must Do Before I Die:

  1. Meet Shahrukh Khan. I have no particular reason except for the fact that I believe he is the BEST.  I want to have a photograph with him. 
  2. Travel. I have a dream of travelling across the world. Don’t know if I can visit all the places but surely few are on my mind now:¬† Kashmir, Kerala, Egypt, Paris, Sundarban Forest ! No idea how these places made entry into my mind.¬†
  3. Swimming. My husband loves to snorkel but I never joined him. Without knowing how to swim, the big oceans scare me big time. So I want to learn swimming and explore the underwater life with my husband. 
  4. Be The Legal Head. For most of the people (not affiliated to legal profession) law is all about litigation and courts. I want to change that thinking first. Like a doctor or engineer specialised in different areas a lawyer may have expertise in different things. I love to draft agreements and be one of the expert. My ultimate goal is to work as a legal head for a MNC. 
  5. Decorate My Home. We have recently bought a flat and will get the possession soon. I wish to plan all the interiors and furnishing of my home. Although I already have the colours in my mind. 
  6. Shopping. Sometimes I feel I am a shopaholic but I am concerned whether the stuff I am purchasing is worth it or not. So one day I want to just shop without looking at the price tags. 
  7. Be fit. Oh yeah ! Like every girls dream even I wish to be fit or to be precise not to be called fat by Indian standards. But I never want to give away my dose of cakes, ice creams, chat, namkeen and other junk ones. 
  8. Make A Change.¬†Whenever there’s a crime against a women, the mankind has failed. I don’t know if I can stop all these. But I wish to pour courage in the girls and women to raise their voice against these crimes. Being silent towards the crime is equivalent to committing the crime.¬†
  9. Be Like My Mother. I feel she is the perfect lady I have known so far. I wish to be like her in every respect. The way she cooks, the way she wears her saree, the way she keeps calm whenever we did wrong …. its a countless list. I try to imitate her to my best possibility but it seems so hard.¬†
  10. Win A Chess Game. I have always lost the game in Chess, no matter with whom I have played with. So I wish to win once, atleast once!  

Religion and Humanity

India is a perfect example of how all the religions blend together and form one identity as РIndians. For me this is humanity. I am sharing some pictures of religion that I have clicked while travelling in my home country in recent times.

PicMonkey Collage




Still or Active ?


Weekly Photo Challenge : Adventure


On a evening walk. Captured using a mobile camera.


Teacher’s Day !!

Happy Teacher’s Day Greetings for Orkut

Teacher’s Day in India (5th September) marks the birthday of ¬†Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan¬†and celebrate the contribution of teachers.¬†

This day is meant to celebrate the contribution of all our teachers in our life. But to me it seems it’s a day for me to celebrate and boast about the fact that how much my teachers loved me. When I read something, a teacher taught me. When I talk, a teacher taught me. When I hold my pen and write, a teacher taught me. The list is endless. Every thing I do, there’s a teacher who has taught me to do it and most importantly she taught me to do it in a right way. I wonder, when did they penetrate so deep into my thoughts and actions without me even realizing it. Every time when I said to someone, “YES, MY TEACHER TOLD ME THIS” was a proud moment for me.

It’s hard to imagine a life without you Teacher and a single day may not be enough for thanking you for your selfless efforts in making me what I am today.


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Medical Negligence And Hospital’s Liability

Medical Negligence And Hospital’s Liability.

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Those Days Were The Best Days Of My Life

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Some will say age is just a number,may be so. We do have any choice but to grow and be responsible. If I am again caught back in my childhood days when I was 12, life would be a mixed bag of feelings!  

  1. I have to go back to school and study! 
  2. See If I have done my homework and projects without Google. 
  3. I will get a lovely lunch from my mother. 
  4. I can play all day with my friends. Super. No need of laptop, phone, tabs etc.
  5. Everyone will offer me sugar candies.
  6. Only thing to be worried would be Exams.
  7. There will be long summer breaks, winter breaks and festival breaks.
  8. I will visit my grandparents.
  9. I can wait for Santa Clause to visit me and leave a gift of my choice !
  10. I can fist fight with my brother.
  11. My friends will be angry only for a day.
  12. I will ask for a bigger share of cake on anyone’s birthday.
  13. Teacher will be the superheros and role models.
  14. I can make handmade cards on every occasion.
  15. For every good task I do, I will get compliment only. No criticisms.
  16. I can watch all the cartoons I wish to or just read the comic books.
  17. I can sing the way I like
  18. I can get wet in the rain anytime
  19. I can fly the paper made planes with my friends 
  20. I can be a doctor, a police, a teacher or anything I want to be in the game. No need for a degree or training. 

Above all this, I will surely feel privileged if I can go back to those wonderful times!!



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Never Say NO; Until You KNOW


Being in Phoenix on 1st September 2014, for me Labour Day is a holiday when my husband is at home. Surely, one of the best day for me. I don’t have to get up early,he is not rushing for his office and yeah what more and great is that I am spending the day shopping.¬†

After spending such a wonderful day, if someone asks me what is my Nightmare Job, I will surely take a pause and think what it can be?After much of deliberate thinking,there’s nothing that I can term as a nightmare job. I say so because of two reasons:¬†

  1. My day was too good and I can’t think of any nightmare right now !!
  2. Today’s prompt reminded me of one of my father’s saying “Never say NO; Until You Know

He always told us that its all about perceptions in our mind that make us judge things or people even before actually knowing it or trying it. Which is not utterly wrong but may not be right always. We may not know what we are capable of doing and what we may like unless we give it a try. And his saying has always been proved right for me. If you read here¬†I had discussed that most of my life decisions have been by chopping out the odds and then finding what I really love. The mere fact of doing so stems from my father’s thoughts which has imbibed upon me over the years.¬†

I still remember when he told and explained me his thoughts ! As a little girl I was curious and asked him, “I will do everything that comes on my way but how will I know that I am doing it right?”. His answer was “If you can tell me what you are doing, you are doing it right.” I don’t know if this can be taken as a benchmark but the test has always stood right for me over the years. I am really thankful to him for teaching me all this which are never written in books or told in schools.¬†