Never Say NO; Until You KNOW

on September 1, 2014


Being in Phoenix on 1st September 2014, for me Labour Day is a holiday when my husband is at home. Surely, one of the best day for me. I don’t have to get up early,he is not rushing for his office and yeah what more and great is that I am spending the day shopping. 

After spending such a wonderful day, if someone asks me what is my Nightmare Job, I will surely take a pause and think what it can be?After much of deliberate thinking,there’s nothing that I can term as a nightmare job. I say so because of two reasons: 

  1. My day was too good and I can’t think of any nightmare right now !!
  2. Today’s prompt reminded me of one of my father’s saying “Never say NO; Until You Know

He always told us that its all about perceptions in our mind that make us judge things or people even before actually knowing it or trying it. Which is not utterly wrong but may not be right always. We may not know what we are capable of doing and what we may like unless we give it a try. And his saying has always been proved right for me. If you read here I had discussed that most of my life decisions have been by chopping out the odds and then finding what I really love. The mere fact of doing so stems from my father’s thoughts which has imbibed upon me over the years. 

I still remember when he told and explained me his thoughts ! As a little girl I was curious and asked him, “I will do everything that comes on my way but how will I know that I am doing it right?”. His answer was “If you can tell me what you are doing, you are doing it right.” I don’t know if this can be taken as a benchmark but the test has always stood right for me over the years. I am really thankful to him for teaching me all this which are never written in books or told in schools. 



3 responses to “Never Say NO; Until You KNOW

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  2. Jumbo Dium says:

    The best one. Very nice…Loved reading the facts. Just perfect. Thank u for the share.

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