Those Days Were The Best Days Of My Life

on September 2, 2014

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Some will say age is just a number,may be so. We do have any choice but to grow and be responsible. If I am again caught back in my childhood days when I was 12, life would be a mixed bag of feelings!  

  1. I have to go back to school and study! 
  2. See If I have done my homework and projects without Google. 
  3. I will get a lovely lunch from my mother. 
  4. I can play all day with my friends. Super. No need of laptop, phone, tabs etc.
  5. Everyone will offer me sugar candies.
  6. Only thing to be worried would be Exams.
  7. There will be long summer breaks, winter breaks and festival breaks.
  8. I will visit my grandparents.
  9. I can wait for Santa Clause to visit me and leave a gift of my choice !
  10. I can fist fight with my brother.
  11. My friends will be angry only for a day.
  12. I will ask for a bigger share of cake on anyone’s birthday.
  13. Teacher will be the superheros and role models.
  14. I can make handmade cards on every occasion.
  15. For every good task I do, I will get compliment only. No criticisms.
  16. I can watch all the cartoons I wish to or just read the comic books.
  17. I can sing the way I like
  18. I can get wet in the rain anytime
  19. I can fly the paper made planes with my friends 
  20. I can be a doctor, a police, a teacher or anything I want to be in the game. No need for a degree or training. 

Above all this, I will surely feel privileged if I can go back to those wonderful times!!




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