on September 12, 2014

I love to plan my things. Be it next day’s lunch/cloths or next week’s shopping or next month’s travel plan or next year’s moving to a new home. Yes! most of the times I have a plan for myself. Not because it involves less risks but because I believe it makes the event perfect. Though sometimes the plan works out sometimes not but that’s how my life has been so far. So here is a glimpse of my next planning for the Things I Must Do Before I Die:

  1. Meet Shahrukh Khan. I have no particular reason except for the fact that I believe he is the BEST.  I want to have a photograph with him. 
  2. Travel. I have a dream of travelling across the world. Don’t know if I can visit all the places but surely few are on my mind now:  Kashmir, Kerala, Egypt, Paris, Sundarban Forest ! No idea how these places made entry into my mind. 
  3. Swimming. My husband loves to snorkel but I never joined him. Without knowing how to swim, the big oceans scare me big time. So I want to learn swimming and explore the underwater life with my husband. 
  4. Be The Legal Head. For most of the people (not affiliated to legal profession) law is all about litigation and courts. I want to change that thinking first. Like a doctor or engineer specialised in different areas a lawyer may have expertise in different things. I love to draft agreements and be one of the expert. My ultimate goal is to work as a legal head for a MNC. 
  5. Decorate My Home. We have recently bought a flat and will get the possession soon. I wish to plan all the interiors and furnishing of my home. Although I already have the colours in my mind. 
  6. Shopping. Sometimes I feel I am a shopaholic but I am concerned whether the stuff I am purchasing is worth it or not. So one day I want to just shop without looking at the price tags. 
  7. Be fit. Oh yeah ! Like every girls dream even I wish to be fit or to be precise not to be called fat by Indian standards. But I never want to give away my dose of cakes, ice creams, chat, namkeen and other junk ones. 
  8. Make A Change. Whenever there’s a crime against a women, the mankind has failed. I don’t know if I can stop all these. But I wish to pour courage in the girls and women to raise their voice against these crimes. Being silent towards the crime is equivalent to committing the crime. 
  9. Be Like My Mother. I feel she is the perfect lady I have known so far. I wish to be like her in every respect. The way she cooks, the way she wears her saree, the way she keeps calm whenever we did wrong …. its a countless list. I try to imitate her to my best possibility but it seems so hard. 
  10. Win A Chess Game. I have always lost the game in Chess, no matter with whom I have played with. So I wish to win once, atleast once!  

10 responses to “LOGICAL and IL-LOGICAL DREAMS

  1. Very innocent….enjoyed reading the list

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  2. Ananya Tales says:

    All the best wishes and hope all these sweet dreams turn into reality 🙂

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  3. shanx says:

    Best Wishes and lovely post. Hope they turn true soon!

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  4. Beautifully laid out post. Very appealing and eye catchinng … Wish you the best with your dreams.

    And I like Anytime Gup-shups. whatever Gup-shups means … it seems to fit your personality 🙂

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  5. Kaushik says:

    Great list, loved them. Wishing all the best 🙂

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