Our Journey To Mars

on September 24, 2014

With eyes glued on live telecast of MANGALYAN, our happiness had no bounds when ISRO declared its success of “MOM“. After waiting for the longest 12.5 minutes when MANGALYAN entered the Mar’s orbit, we all fluttered with joy and heart filled with pride that we as a nation has achieved it.

My joy doubled after hearing our Prime Minister Modi’s speech that we are the first Asian country to reach Red Planet and the first nation to achieve success in its maiden attempt. What genius our scientists are, nothing to wonder though. Later on reading some articles, facebook updates and browsing other social media I came across more interesting facts regarding MOM and thought of sharing those with you all.

  1. Our budget for Mangalyan was less than Hollywood science fiction “Gravity“. We believe in reality.
  2. The size of Mangalyan is about a Nano car.
  3. India is the first country in the world to successfully enter the Mars orbit, after the Soviet Union, United States and Europe.
  4. The cost of the Mars Orbiter Mission is about Rs.4 per Indian.
  5. Mangalyan was build in just 15 months.
  6. Fully integrated and fueled for flight, Mangalyaan weighs about 1,337 Kilograms.
  7. MOM will try to find water and methane on Mars which are essential for sustainability of life. It will be orbiting Mars for about 160 days.
  8. Trip to Mars was around 680 million kilometers which was completed in 200 days. It was exactly on the day our scientist estimated it to be, i.e, 24th September, 2014.
  9. It takes approximately 12 minutes to send and receive signals between Earth and Mangalyan.
  10. Probes to Mars have a high failure rate. Of the 51 missions so far, only 21 have been successful. A similar mission by China failed in 2011.

India is truly shining. Let’s pledge to continue on this path of success. 


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