10 Minute Challenge !

on September 25, 2014

Write on anything that I can think of, the only condition is that I have 10 minutes. Sounds exciting! I have started with the challenge and yet unsure of what will follow. Since I am strictly following the rules of this game, my fingers are just typing and I am just flowing with them.

I feel I am back to school playing some fun game with my friends where we used to write name, place, animal and an object name starting with an alphabet and race who will win. This made us learn about a lot of places, a lot about animals and things and the ability to think fast. There were more games of such kind and I wish to play them with my friends again.

And now I can think of some quotes which I came across while reading or browsing internet:

1. This shall pass too. Good or Bad, everything will pass and other will come. It’s a vicious cycle of life.

2. Time is relativity. When u want it to stop, it runs. When you want it to run, it pause.

This ten minutes have been absolute fun for me. Numerous thoughts crossed my mind, many dreams have started floating again and by the end of this ten minutes I know I THINK TOO MUCH. 😛


Happy Blogging!


2 responses to “10 Minute Challenge !

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  2. Your blog title caught my eye, it’s a term my parents use and one that I eventually started using too….love that gup-shup. Not gonna lie, I used to be the best at Name, place, animal, thing…i thought I was so clever because I knew an iguana and uganda..I took this challenge too, it was a lot easier than I though it would be.


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