Because I Was Scared !!

After coming back to Hyderabad the most pleasant change I saw in the city was installation of bio-toilets. I was so much fascinated with this new update in my city. You must be wondering why?

I was in United States(Phoenix) for almost 8 months, the period when Modi became our Prime Minister and visited United States. Frankly speaking politics doesn’t interest me so much. I was staying in an extended stay hotel in Phoenix with my husband. The only friends I had during that time were the hotel staff who were always eager to know about my country and culture. On Modi’s visit to United States, all local news channel were flashing news updates about him and his achievements. One day, I was just taking a stroll around the swimming pool area of the hotel, when few hotel staff came cheerfully towards me and said to me “Your Prime Minister is here, he is in United States”. Their cheerful faces made me happy too and I proudly said “Yes, MY Prime Minister is here”. Thereafter, we discussed how he is planning to change our country for betterment and truly speaking that filled my heart with a sense of immense pride. After coming back when I saw the bio-toilets installed in the city, I felt my PM has already taken a step towards his dreams of Swatch Bharat.

Now its almost one month and I noticed one day, the bio-toilets are made only for men. Why? Does that mean in Hyderabad city only men pee ? Or when you are out of your home only men can pee ? Or they forgot that a woman may have similar requirements too ? No idea, what went wrong !

Anyway I will try to inform the suitable authorities about the issue and if anyone of you can help me out, it will be great. But now I wish to share a little experience of mine somewhat connected to the background above. I was leaving my office around 6 pm and it was getting dark. I walk around 200m distance from office to main road to take an auto to home. There I saw a man peeing just outside the bio-toilet. I really felt angry that when there are toilets made specially for you only, why are you creating nuisance just outside the toilet. You don’t even have to pay for it, it’s absolutely free. Then the other thought came that may be the toilets are not functional. I really wanted to ask that man. But I didn’t because I was on a lonely road, I care about my safety more and I don’t know how will that man react to me.

The fear to safeguard myself triumph over my urge to stop someone polluting my environment. I still don’t know what would have been the right decision at that moment. But one thing is clear to me government initiatives can lead us to right direction, it is how we as citizens do actually matters. Police, law, authorities can only tell us or punish us but we need to change our mindsets and mend our ways. Hope next time I don’t see a man peeing outside and if I do I have the courage to stop him.