2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,700 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 28 trips to carry that many people.

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Day By Day Nothing Changes But When You Look Back Everything Is Different.

Day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different! Yes, that’s what has happened with me. My hobbies, my interests in life, my likes and dislikes, things I admired or I hated most have changed with these growing years. Just like any other kid, I also had hobbies at each stage of my life. Few survived a little longer, few died too early, few were killed by others and some have sprouted over the years. So I think I will share with my readers what I did at each stage of my life:

AGE 4- 7

Believe it or not, any girl is a born fashionista. I found my initial hobby and fashion sense in colouring. Although I never got a huge credit at that point of time. My mother would bring me new colouring books and I will colour all the picture as quickly as possible. I personally believed, I had the best colouring sense !


AGE 8-12

I was born creative. Trust me. This time, I found pleasure in cutting all the pictures that interests me from newpapers, magazines or any other source and stick them on wall, cupboard doors or wherever I like to. My idea was to decorate our home. Initially my parents tried to restrict the places where I can stick my photos but when they could not handle my increased frequency of cutting and pasting pictures all over the house, the hobby was killed. All the pictures were removed, scissors and glue were seized and kept beyond my reach.


AGE 13-15

I will never let my creativity die. Now I thought I will become a scientist someday. So I started with experiments. Some of my super-cool experiments were to collect leaves, flowers, bird feathers from roads and press them inside heavy books or under the bed mattress, mix-up colours, pour whatever I can in water etc. One major experiment I distinctly remember I was working on: I took small onions from kitchen poured them inside my mother’s new perfume bottle and hide it under the bed. That was my last experiment. I surrendered all my leaves, flowers, feathers and everything under the bed/mattress/balcony/terrace/school bag. My hobby was killed!

AGE 16 – 19

Amidst the pressure of board exams (any student will know how Indian parents behave when its board exams!) I could manage to continue and grow my childhood hobby of painting and colouring. Alas! after a long time my parents took me seriously. My mother still hang my canvas paintings inside the home and will make sure that all new visitors should have a look over that. Well I knew I could not be painter, it required a lot more precision. So the hobby died out naturally.


Another hobby which that was trying to take shape was collecting stamps. I made frequent visits to post office to check what the new collection is and pick up all letters and greetings that will come to our or neighbor’s home. It was a good collection but then I stopped, I don’t know why!

12 gandhi stamps unsold Large

AGE 20 –23

The college time and then entry into job world. The newly gained freedom, which everyone loves. So my hobby was to watch movies, look out for restaurants which serves best food at lowest possible price, plan outings with friends and to plan anything and everything with friends.

Most of the places we visited during that time were sea shores and from that time I started collecting shells from shores.  But I just pick sea shells and keep it in a polybag. Can anyone suggest me how to keep those in a better way?


Age 25 – 26

After marriage I thought I should learn a bit of cooking now and that’s how the hobby for cooking started. It grew when I moved to US with my husband and still the hobby continues with small hiccups in between. Some more hobbies that I have grown recently are starting a personal blog and collecting fridge magnets wherever we go (collecting fridge magnet was my husband’s idea).


So that’s how my hobbies have grown, fallen , matured and taken shape so far. Would love to hear yours so that I can have few more additions.



Truth triumps! It did and will always. And that’s what Kinley 2014 TVC  is trying to embed in the young minds by telling them “Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein” by their new television advertisement:

I was simply in love with the advertisement. It reminded me of a small childhood incident.  So before I tell you what happened with us a small background is required.

Our mother was a school teacher. Like all she was our first teacher and always taught us the values of truth and concept of self-dependent in doing our daily chores. Though I felt a bit magical about her because she always knew what we were doing or thinking. I was in class 5th and my brother was in nursery when the incident took place. As per the daily schedule of our home, me and my father will leave early in the morning and then my mother will push my little brother in his school bus and leave for her work.

One day my mother had some extra-curricular activities in her school so she left a bit early to manage those activities in her school. The servant of our house was told to stay for an extra 5- 10 minutes to push my brother in his school bus that day. Our obedient servant did so. After coming back from school my little brother did not go to play with his friends, he was not watching tv, did not fight with me for playing video game, ate whatever my mother gave him silently. His weirdness was making me happy because for a change he is not fighting with me today and I can have the tv, video game and whatever I want to all my own. But as I told earlier our mother always knew everything. She suspected something fishy in his behavior and knew the little boy cannot be silent for so long without a reason.

After a long introspection by her on my brother’s behavior, he finally said, “Mummy maine bidi nahi pee“. That statement was enough for my mother to understand what had happened in the morning when she left. The servant was obviously thrown out, my brother and because of him I also got a long counselling on what we should do and what not from her. I was listening to her more carefully because my brother seemed more carefree now. He was back to his routine notorious activities. He had uttered the truth which was bothering him for so long and now he is relieved to carry on with all his usual non-sense. Being elder, I just listened to my mother.

Even now, whenever we think of that incident we all laugh and actually make a fun of my brother. But for sure he and with him, I also had learnt that “Kitna chain hota hai sacchai me” and then we never even dared to hide anything from our mother. It’s always better to tell her because chances are that she already knows it.

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PC: Google Images

PC: Google Images

Give away a sense and gain super-sensitivity in another! Sounds absurd but that’s what the daily prompt is asking me today.

My first thought was: I don’t want to give up any of the senses and gain a super-sensitivity in another. Frankly speaking I am scared what will I do if I don’t have one of the senses that God has gifted me with. Losing something has engulfed me so much that gaining a super-sensitivity has now become secondary. For one moment I felt I am a selfish soul. Then after a pause I thought to read about what other’s are willing to give away. Goodness! most of the author’s were under the same dilemma. A great sigh of relief. Now I feel less guilty, less selfish.

I did a lot of brainstorming and unnecessary scribbling on my writing pad but still could not decide on what I can give away so I am not asking for any super-sensitivity as well. But I realized few things: My sense of fear was so high that it made me forget the sense of achievement. I preferred to stay where I am instead of taking a risk and achieve something new or great. I may not require or may not be using all that I am possessing with me right now but I am reluctant in giving it away. Just because others are not doing, I also did not.

For sure, its time to change now !

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Shave To Be Confident !

Today I will share a small incident my grand ma told me once.

Everyday she will get up before the sun rises, take bath, clean puja ghar, pluck flowers, light candles and agarbattis and start her puja. As a kid, I was very fond of these activities and wanted to help her in everything she does. But one thing always used to tingle my mind and I wanted to ask her that when she says that God is above all and he is not affected by worldly things then why she plucks those innocent flowers, light candles and agarbattis all around the room, rings bell,sing hymns, feed the stone idols? One day I finally decided to ask and her answer amazed me more. She said, “I am not doing all these for God, I am doing these things for myself.”  How?  I asked her instantly with my eyes popping out. She laughed and explained to me, God is above all. As a human being we just have to trust him and keep our faith in him. We do so by praying and bowing our head in front of him. The reason for doing puja in the early morning is because our mind is at calm and we have maximum concentration power  in the morning. Praying in the morning fills our mind with good thoughts and we start our day with a great beginning. Lighting candles and agarbattis, plucking flowers and decorating the puja room are meant only to enhance our concentration in what we are going to do. God will never be bothered how many candles we light or which flowers we place before him.

This small incident stayed and made a great impact on me. I understood one thing that the inner beauty of soul is forever but to give our best we need to have self confidence. Someone has rightly said, a man is known for his clothes and a gentleman by his appearance. The first impression is very important, it will last forever and hard to change. So why not make it the best and unforgettable. Opportunities do not give an alarm before they come. In today’s world a person has to be prepared for everything at anytime. The simple mantra is to look best and deliver best. Thus, irrespective of the gender personal grooming has become a mandatory part of our daily to do list. Women do it by having timely parlour schedules or  make-up and men do it by shaving or flaunting their hairstyle. No one want to take a chance in their life and why we should ? There is no harm in to be always ready and prepared for what may come in our life. We need to be prepared to be a winner. So always look best,be confident and nail it ! So will you shave and how you shave, you have to decide.



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Flavours of GOA

Year 2014 has been a travel year for us. Now that its December, the Friday of the year and all the celebrations packed up in this month, we decided to have an add on and visit GOA. It’s surely a bliss to be there. The sun kissed beaches, water sports, churches, goan food, forts and the fun loving crowd makes for an ideal vacation package.

We took a flight to Dabolim International Airport, Goa. Thank god I was on the window seat, because what I saw and could capture through my mobile was amazing !

On The Way To Goa

On The Way To Goa

Our hotel was around 35 kms away from the Airport, so the only feasible option was to hire a taxi and drive down. We preferred to stay on the northern side of Goa which is the hub of water sports and closer to Old Goa. The southern side has more serene and quite beaches. After checking in hotel, we hired a bike and drove down to Anjuna Beach. Anjuna beach is a rocky beach. We climbed uneven rocks to get closer to the sea where waves washed our feet and cool breeze kissed our face. The perfect place to bid adieu to the glowing sun. Then we retired to the lazy shacks on the shores to taste some goan delicacy and stroll around the local market. After a while we moved towards Baga Beach which hosts some posh restaurants. After walking down the road we selected one which had live musical band. It is advisable to have prior reservation in these restaurants.

Next day was full of walking and trekking. We started with Aguada Fort –  an old Portuguese Fort near Sinquerim Beach overlooking the Arabian sea. The term ‘aguada’ in Portuguese means water reservoir. The view of Goan coastline from top of the fort are amazing. The fort has gained more popularity after shooting of Bollywood hits like Dil Chahta Hai, Rock On etc. So like others we also clicked photographs on those prime locations. After coming out of the fort we had the famous goan Kokum Soda drink and started for – Old Goa. On the way to Aguada Fort , there is a spot for boating and dolphin watching. We did not try that.

Old Goa is famous for World Heritage sites having churches and buildings which are more than 350 years old. The Se Cathedral Church and Bom Basilica Church situated on the either side of the main road showcases the best architectural genius of the time. There are old temples in Old Goa which are also worth visiting. Goa trip is not complete without visiting these churches.

The end of the day we decided to spent at Calangute Beach watching the sunset. There are many eateries and shops around. At night we went to famous Saturday Night Bazar near Arpora (organized between December – April) where local people sell goan tea, spices, cloths, souvinier etc. We bought some mint green tea and biryani masala. There are other night bazars as well organized on Friday and Wednesday near Baga Beach.

The last day of our trip was dedicated to water sports and sea beaches. The locals arrange the water sports package which consist of bumper ride, banana ride, water scooter and parasailing. I personally loved parasailing the most. In parasailing, they tie you with a parachute and you get to have a bird eye’s view of Goa. The view from above is simply amazing. Wish the day did not have come to an end and the fun would have continued.

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New Generation God


Today I came across a new term Baba Activism. The term sounded very attractive to me. I have always associated the word ‘activism’ with a silent or mild violence approach (peaceful rallies, marches, strikes) to bring about a good change in the society, politics or economics. Being a law graduate, the word ‘judicial activism’ has always pre dominated in my mind and I love the fact that how our judiciary peacefully brought in major changes through their judgments.

Baba Activism is no way similar to my expectations. To those who are still wondering what this Hinglish word actually means, it is all about the nuisance by a person who has self proclaimed him/herself as god in the society. I am not an atheist. I do believe in gods and worship them. The fact that I can bow my head in front of someone, confess all my guilt, wish for happiness and prosperity for myself and my loved ones without trading for anything surely gives me immense power and a sense of satisfaction to look ahead in life. But what about such self-proclaimed gods !

Changes are bound to occur. New things will come and Old will vanish. But does it happen with gods too. Will old gods go and new gods replace them? Sounds bit astonishing to me. Personally I don’t feel this is a very good idea. Believing in god is a matter of trust which doesn’t depreciate with time. There is no need to create new gods to fulfil our wishes. The right attitude and hard work is the only key to success. For those who aspire for heaven after death, make earth a desirable place to live in. Respect the fellow humans, protect the surrounding animals, plants and environment.

There is no harm if someone decides to preach the society about the good values they should pursue in their day to day life. A common man is so much afraid and has become superstitious about small things that some treacherous people take this advantage and practically loot them. A real god will never trade or demand something from you in lieu of your well being.

My only suggestion to the readers, trust in god but don’t believe someone blindly.

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