New Generation God

on December 2, 2014


Today I came across a new term Baba Activism. The term sounded very attractive to me. I have always associated the word ‘activism’ with a silent or mild violence approach (peaceful rallies, marches, strikes) to bring about a good change in the society, politics or economics. Being a law graduate, the word ‘judicial activism’ has always pre dominated in my mind and I love the fact that how our judiciary peacefully brought in major changes through their judgments.

Baba Activism is no way similar to my expectations. To those who are still wondering what this Hinglish word actually means, it is all about the nuisance by a person who has self proclaimed him/herself as god in the society. I am not an atheist. I do believe in gods and worship them. The fact that I can bow my head in front of someone, confess all my guilt, wish for happiness and prosperity for myself and my loved ones without trading for anything surely gives me immense power and a sense of satisfaction to look ahead in life. But what about such self-proclaimed gods !

Changes are bound to occur. New things will come and Old will vanish. But does it happen with gods too. Will old gods go and new gods replace them? Sounds bit astonishing to me. Personally I don’t feel this is a very good idea. Believing in god is a matter of trust which doesn’t depreciate with time. There is no need to create new gods to fulfil our wishes. The right attitude and hard work is the only key to success. For those who aspire for heaven after death, make earth a desirable place to live in. Respect the fellow humans, protect the surrounding animals, plants and environment.

There is no harm if someone decides to preach the society about the good values they should pursue in their day to day life. A common man is so much afraid and has become superstitious about small things that some treacherous people take this advantage and practically loot them. A real god will never trade or demand something from you in lieu of your well being.

My only suggestion to the readers, trust in god but don’t believe someone blindly.


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