Shave To Be Confident !

on December 22, 2014

Today I will share a small incident my grand ma told me once.

Everyday she will get up before the sun rises, take bath, clean puja ghar, pluck flowers, light candles and agarbattis and start her puja. As a kid, I was very fond of these activities and wanted to help her in everything she does. But one thing always used to tingle my mind and I wanted to ask her that when she says that God is above all and he is not affected by worldly things then why she plucks those innocent flowers, light candles and agarbattis all around the room, rings bell,sing hymns, feed the stone idols? One day I finally decided to ask and her answer amazed me more. She said, “I am not doing all these for God, I am doing these things for myself.”  How?  I asked her instantly with my eyes popping out. She laughed and explained to me, God is above all. As a human being we just have to trust him and keep our faith in him. We do so by praying and bowing our head in front of him. The reason for doing puja in the early morning is because our mind is at calm and we have maximum concentration power  in the morning. Praying in the morning fills our mind with good thoughts and we start our day with a great beginning. Lighting candles and agarbattis, plucking flowers and decorating the puja room are meant only to enhance our concentration in what we are going to do. God will never be bothered how many candles we light or which flowers we place before him.

This small incident stayed and made a great impact on me. I understood one thing that the inner beauty of soul is forever but to give our best we need to have self confidence. Someone has rightly said, a man is known for his clothes and a gentleman by his appearance. The first impression is very important, it will last forever and hard to change. So why not make it the best and unforgettable. Opportunities do not give an alarm before they come. In today’s world a person has to be prepared for everything at anytime. The simple mantra is to look best and deliver best. Thus, irrespective of the gender personal grooming has become a mandatory part of our daily to do list. Women do it by having timely parlour schedules or  make-up and men do it by shaving or flaunting their hairstyle. No one want to take a chance in their life and why we should ? There is no harm in to be always ready and prepared for what may come in our life. We need to be prepared to be a winner. So always look best,be confident and nail it ! So will you shave and how you shave, you have to decide.



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