on December 27, 2014

Truth triumps! It did and will always. And that’s what Kinley 2014 TVC  is trying to embed in the young minds by telling them “Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein” by their new television advertisement:

I was simply in love with the advertisement. It reminded me of a small childhood incident.  So before I tell you what happened with us a small background is required.

Our mother was a school teacher. Like all she was our first teacher and always taught us the values of truth and concept of self-dependent in doing our daily chores. Though I felt a bit magical about her because she always knew what we were doing or thinking. I was in class 5th and my brother was in nursery when the incident took place. As per the daily schedule of our home, me and my father will leave early in the morning and then my mother will push my little brother in his school bus and leave for her work.

One day my mother had some extra-curricular activities in her school so she left a bit early to manage those activities in her school. The servant of our house was told to stay for an extra 5- 10 minutes to push my brother in his school bus that day. Our obedient servant did so. After coming back from school my little brother did not go to play with his friends, he was not watching tv, did not fight with me for playing video game, ate whatever my mother gave him silently. His weirdness was making me happy because for a change he is not fighting with me today and I can have the tv, video game and whatever I want to all my own. But as I told earlier our mother always knew everything. She suspected something fishy in his behavior and knew the little boy cannot be silent for so long without a reason.

After a long introspection by her on my brother’s behavior, he finally said, “Mummy maine bidi nahi pee“. That statement was enough for my mother to understand what had happened in the morning when she left. The servant was obviously thrown out, my brother and because of him I also got a long counselling on what we should do and what not from her. I was listening to her more carefully because my brother seemed more carefree now. He was back to his routine notorious activities. He had uttered the truth which was bothering him for so long and now he is relieved to carry on with all his usual non-sense. Being elder, I just listened to my mother.

Even now, whenever we think of that incident we all laugh and actually make a fun of my brother. But for sure he and with him, I also had learnt that “Kitna chain hota hai sacchai me” and then we never even dared to hide anything from our mother. It’s always better to tell her because chances are that she already knows it.


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