Day By Day Nothing Changes But When You Look Back Everything Is Different.

on December 29, 2014

Day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different! Yes, that’s what has happened with me. My hobbies, my interests in life, my likes and dislikes, things I admired or I hated most have changed with these growing years. Just like any other kid, I also had hobbies at each stage of my life. Few survived a little longer, few died too early, few were killed by others and some have sprouted over the years. So I think I will share with my readers what I did at each stage of my life:

AGE 4- 7

Believe it or not, any girl is a born fashionista. I found my initial hobby and fashion sense in colouring. Although I never got a huge credit at that point of time. My mother would bring me new colouring books and I will colour all the picture as quickly as possible. I personally believed, I had the best colouring sense !


AGE 8-12

I was born creative. Trust me. This time, I found pleasure in cutting all the pictures that interests me from newpapers, magazines or any other source and stick them on wall, cupboard doors or wherever I like to. My idea was to decorate our home. Initially my parents tried to restrict the places where I can stick my photos but when they could not handle my increased frequency of cutting and pasting pictures all over the house, the hobby was killed. All the pictures were removed, scissors and glue were seized and kept beyond my reach.


AGE 13-15

I will never let my creativity die. Now I thought I will become a scientist someday. So I started with experiments. Some of my super-cool experiments were to collect leaves, flowers, bird feathers from roads and press them inside heavy books or under the bed mattress, mix-up colours, pour whatever I can in water etc. One major experiment I distinctly remember I was working on: I took small onions from kitchen poured them inside my mother’s new perfume bottle and hide it under the bed. That was my last experiment. I surrendered all my leaves, flowers, feathers and everything under the bed/mattress/balcony/terrace/school bag. My hobby was killed!

AGE 16 – 19

Amidst the pressure of board exams (any student will know how Indian parents behave when its board exams!) I could manage to continue and grow my childhood hobby of painting and colouring. Alas! after a long time my parents took me seriously. My mother still hang my canvas paintings inside the home and will make sure that all new visitors should have a look over that. Well I knew I could not be painter, it required a lot more precision. So the hobby died out naturally.


Another hobby which that was trying to take shape was collecting stamps. I made frequent visits to post office to check what the new collection is and pick up all letters and greetings that will come to our or neighbor’s home. It was a good collection but then I stopped, I don’t know why!

12 gandhi stamps unsold Large

AGE 20 –23

The college time and then entry into job world. The newly gained freedom, which everyone loves. So my hobby was to watch movies, look out for restaurants which serves best food at lowest possible price, plan outings with friends and to plan anything and everything with friends.

Most of the places we visited during that time were sea shores and from that time I started collecting shells from shores.  But I just pick sea shells and keep it in a polybag. Can anyone suggest me how to keep those in a better way?


Age 25 – 26

After marriage I thought I should learn a bit of cooking now and that’s how the hobby for cooking started. It grew when I moved to US with my husband and still the hobby continues with small hiccups in between. Some more hobbies that I have grown recently are starting a personal blog and collecting fridge magnets wherever we go (collecting fridge magnet was my husband’s idea).


So that’s how my hobbies have grown, fallen , matured and taken shape so far. Would love to hear yours so that I can have few more additions.


6 responses to “Day By Day Nothing Changes But When You Look Back Everything Is Different.

  1. Ruchi says:

    Hi, I am not sure you accept awards but I have nominated your blog for the award Premio Dardos. Please accept it as a token of my appreciation 🙂
    Here is the link :

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  2. Hello! 🙂 I love the hobbies you posted! All great ones.

    One hobby I do that I LOVE and can’t get enough of is geocaching! A lot of people have never heard of it, but it is done all around the world! It’s like modern day treasure hunting! You use GPS units (or smartphones) to look for what they call “cache boxes” and when you find them, they have log books inside them that you can sign and date so that other geocachers know you’ve found them. It’s so much fun!

    Also, if you live in Europe (I think) there is also something called letter boxing which is very similar, but it has multiple hints you have to find and figure out to make it to the box, and instead of signing with a pen, you stamp a page. 🙂

    I will also suggest bird watching. It’s a timeless hobby and anyone can do it. My boyfriend is a HUGE birder. I’ve gotten into it through him. It’s actually a lot of fun once you actually try! 🙂

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  3. Anita says:

    The onion experiment was so hilarious, Kriti! I burst out laughing while reading it. 🙂

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