Burning Down : A Real Incident !

This was real. We were staying in an extended stay hotel in Phoenix, United States that time. My husband had left for his office. I had just come back from my daily schedule of gym and was resting before taking bath. All of a sudden the fire alarms in the room started ringing, the lights started flickering. I heard a strong bang on my room door with a scream.. move out , move out !

I felt the earth was going down. I have to move out of the room as quickly as possible. The screaming is still going on outside my room. I was terrified. For a second it appeared as if it is the last day I have and I am all alone. Nothing much could be done the voice outside my room is still waiting for me to come out. So i just decided to carry my phone, in case I can make a last call to my husband and then I saw few dollars on the desk which I grabbed. That’s it . I left the room. People were running towards the exit and shouting at me “Run ! Run !” I just followed them towards the exit. The lights inside the hotel were gone by then. Thankfully we all came out of the building safely !

Ooh ! I am safe. But what about all my stuff that I had left inside, there are so many important documents , gadgets and what all. A tear rolled down my eyes. I gathered myself and thought of calling my husband. I was about to call him and then saw the Hotel Manager coming out happily towards us. Why is he smiling ? Is it because we all are safe or fire is controlled ? What is it !

He came n said , “Sorry ! But I am happy.” All of us were mum. We were waiting for him to complete. He said, ” I am sorry. You all had to undergo this trouble. But I am happy , there is no fire in the hotel. The team was just testing and by mistake they rang the fire alarm. I am happy, my team was able to take care of all the guests in such a panic situation. Instead of thinking about themselves they took care of all the guests. I am sorry again for the trouble I have caused. “

A laughter broke around and the sky was filled with the noise of everyone laughing around for the happiness of getting a life again, sound of congratulations to those brave hearts who took us out of the hotel and a joy of sharing humanity at times of need.  It was a family time with people we had met for the first time from different parts of the world.

Later I called my husband and told him about the great day I had.

Burning Down The House – Daily Prompt ! 


Never Say NO; Until You KNOW

Never Say NO; Until You KNOW.

Sharing an old post for today’s prompt – FIRST !


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Hello Goldilocks !

Honestly, the first thing I did was to search the exact meaning of “Goldilocks” online. I found a small story describing the principle of Goldilocks: a fairy-tale heroine who enters the house of the Three Bears and declares the possessions of Baby Bear to be ‘just right’, as compared to those of Father Bear and Mother Bear.

This story made me realize that I am unknowingly following the same principle for my life as well. This is absolutely me. My decision of “Just Right” is by removing the odd ones out.


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