Burning Down : A Real Incident !

on January 29, 2015

This was real. We were staying in an extended stay hotel in Phoenix, United States that time. My husband had left for his office. I had just come back from my daily schedule of gym and was resting before taking bath. All of a sudden the fire alarms in the room started ringing, the lights started flickering. I heard a strong bang on my room door with a scream.. move out , move out !

I felt the earth was going down. I have to move out of the room as quickly as possible. The screaming is still going on outside my room. I was terrified. For a second it appeared as if it is the last day I have and I am all alone. Nothing much could be done the voice outside my room is still waiting for me to come out. So i just decided to carry my phone, in case I can make a last call to my husband and then I saw few dollars on the desk which I grabbed. That’s it . I left the room. People were running towards the exit and shouting at me “Run ! Run !” I just followed them towards the exit. The lights inside the hotel were gone by then. Thankfully we all came out of the building safely !

Ooh ! I am safe. But what about all my stuff that I had left inside, there are so many important documents , gadgets and what all. A tear rolled down my eyes. I gathered myself and thought of calling my husband. I was about to call him and then saw the Hotel Manager coming out happily towards us. Why is he smiling ? Is it because we all are safe or fire is controlled ? What is it !

He came n said , “Sorry ! But I am happy.” All of us were mum. We were waiting for him to complete. He said, ” I am sorry. You all had to undergo this trouble. But I am happy , there is no fire in the hotel. The team was just testing and by mistake they rang the fire alarm. I am happy, my team was able to take care of all the guests in such a panic situation. Instead of thinking about themselves they took care of all the guests. I am sorry again for the trouble I have caused. “

A laughter broke around and the sky was filled with the noise of everyone laughing around for the happiness of getting a life again, sound of congratulations to those brave hearts who took us out of the hotel and a joy of sharing humanity at times of need. Β It was a family time with people we had met for the first time from different parts of the world.

Later I called my husband and told him about the great day I had.

Burning Down The House – Daily Prompt !Β 


3 responses to “Burning Down : A Real Incident !

  1. Manisha Tajne says:

    Very well narration! I was bit tensed for a while πŸ™‚ Interesting story πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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