This or That ?

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to make a choice among the present things or people or situation. By virtue of being human we do not want anything to go away or leave an option out. It becomes more difficult when we don’t know what will be the effects of our choice in future.

I am sure, most of my readers would have come across such a situation in their life when they wanted to have all but can take only one. What to do, which one to pick , the mind keep on thinking and worrying. I have heard from few of my friends and family members that the best thing to do is to listen to your heart. Toss a coin , hold it and think which side you want.

Unfortunately, all the life decisions can not be made with a toss. I too had a moment like this, where the toss will not help my already meddled mind. It was a career decision. My mom, wanted me to be a software engineer and I wanted to study law. For a young mind it was a difficult time to decide what to choose a lucrative career or venture into a professional background where no one known has done anything before. Getting admission into a good engineering or law college in first attempt is itself a privilege. But to choose one, is difficult. I did not want to pursue a career in litigation even after studying law. Then what were the other options, I had no idea and no answer to convince my parents.

After much of internet research and advice from all known friends and relatives the only thing that helped me to make a decision was my father’s advice to me – The Sachchi Advice – “Do what you love to do now and will always love to do.” I chose to study law. A decision I will always cherish and my parents will always be proud of . Today I work as an in-house legal counsel in a company and I enjoy my work.

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