Origin Of A Beautiful Smile :)

on October 19, 2015

After marriage it took me few weeks to realise how true my grandma’s age old theory was; the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. So in order to win my man’s heart I decided its time I should conquer the kitchen of my house and prepare some yummy dishes. Things were not smooth at all for me. I had learnt the art of multi tasking with my office work, shopping online, eating and listening music but multi tasking with a hot pan of oil, knife, pouring so many ingredients in a particular sequence was surely a nightmare! Felt like some rocket science to me! Plus the paucity of time to cook those dream recipes after office and balance between not to gain weight by eating those yummy recipes had almost taken away the charm from me to enter my kitchen and cook.

One day I shared my disappointment with my mother that how things are getting difficult and confusing for me. I am loosing control over my kitchen and I hate it. Then there comes a priceless advice from her of how to maintain my mental peace and apply the grandma’s age old theory into this modern time. Mommies are always great and a rescue in such hard time. She introduced me to the quick, easy and lip smacking range of McCain products. I bought my first packet of potato smiles and from there started the journey of me being a very innovative and super cook in the family. For me the icing was that I can bake and eat McCain, no need to fry. That means no oil, no weight gain, just fat free delicious snack ready in 3 minutes. Moreover the smile on the face of my family members was simply an awesome feeling. Its a bundle of joy.

I was back to my kitchen conquering it again with a higher zeal. My husband was already impressed. Target had been achieved : winning the heart of my man. I can testify now that my grandma’s age old theory was true and my super mom is always a saviour for me.

I have now started innovating with McCain products. Few of my favourite innovations have been Allu Chat, Wraps, Sandwitches, Burgers and much more. Guests in the house are no more trouble now because I always have a pack of McCain with me. Easy storage and quick to make has made it all the more useful to me.

Thanks McCain for making us smile everyday and enjoy delicious snacks in the comfort of our home. So my dear friends now we know that a beautiful smile originates from a happy stomach. 🙂

McCain : Lets Put A Smile On That Face. Source: McCain India Website


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