The Bestseller She Wrote : Book Review

on December 22, 2015

My Copy Of  “The Bestseller She Wrote” from Blogaada

This was my first book of Ravi Subramanian. Before starting with the book, I thought it will be like any other new generation novel, very much like the character Shreya in the beginning! Fortunately, I was completely wrong. The moment I started reading the book, I got glued to it and could not put it down. Mr. Ravi Subramanian, your book was surely “UNPUTDOWNABLE”! There was a kind of addiction till I completed with the entire story. Although a book of approximately 400 pages but it is a very quick read because of the story and language used by the author.

The plot primarily revolves around Aditya, a mid-aged banker cum bestseller author who has a wife (Maya), a six-year old son (Aryan) and a lover (Shreya). The story grows when a happy family man Aditya falls in love with Shreya and betrays his wife Maya and son Aryan. Shreya on the other hand is only ambitious of getting her book published and be in the list of bestseller author. How the life of each character intersect each other and rolls up and down in the storyline is very interesting!

I am not a much of fiction lover but this story was so close to a modern living that anyone can relate to and believe that this is very much possible in today’s time. Further some incidents from the life of real time bestseller authors like Chetan Bhagat makes the character of Aditya more real and creates an element of fun as well.

Things that I liked about the book were: a) The way the author has built up each character in the book and their conversations, it seems the plot was going in front of me and I can see it, I can feel it! b) Secondly, the book is written in very simple language which made the story more real and enjoyable; c) The twist and turn in the story were given at suitable pace. The moment the reader starts making a prediction, there is a turn! I simply loved it. d) The story is so well knit that even a smaller incident is connected to something big in the end. Like the handwritten editing of the manuscript by Shreya initially was a negligible incident but later when she used it for her advantage was an awesome come back in this thriller. Similarly, scribbling on the book and how Aditya connect all the dots in the plot from the hint etc. e) The author has done a brilliant work in bringing out the fact that how a common situation can be perceived differently by two person. The debate between whether a book is a product and has to be marketed like a commodity or a book is a matter of personal interest was a nice read.

However there were few things that I did not like while reading the book like a) the brand name of each and everything the characters are eating or wearing or somehow related in their daily life. The way they do things made it clear that they have an elite lifestyle. Such unnecessary detail kills the story. b) I wanted to know something more about Maya and Aryan who mattered the most to Aditya and eventually to me as well.

By the end of the story, I was in love with the book! It was a great read over the weekend. I will recommend this book to my fellow readers as well and to those who are yet to try the new budding Indian authors.

I would also like to thank Blogadda to give me the opportunity to read and review this book.

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