An Indonesian Delight With Chef Gatot

What more a foodie can ask for when she gets an opportunity to savour her favourite Indonesian delicacy in her hometown itself. Thanks Zomato and Park Hyatt for inviting me to “Masterclass with Chef Gatot”.

The event was organized at Oriental Bar and Kitchen. As the name suggests it serves Asian cuisine. I was there for a masterclass, so beside getting the privilege to savour the dishes I also had the chance to watch and learn the making of my favourite dishes in the kitchen.  It was a four course meal for us that day – a soup, a starter, the main and a lovely dessert. A lovely Sunday lunch it was.

We started with Sato Ayam soup. It was a non-creamy soup with a beautiful lime flavour in it topped with glass noodles and boiled egg. Perfect for Hyderabad summers. Next was Satay Ayam with Peanut sauce. This was a chicken starter grilled with tangy Indonesian peanut sauce. For main course we had Nasi Goreng . For me this was the dish of the day. A flavourful rice with chicken and topped with sunny side up egg. The last leg of the menu was desserts for which we got coconut ice cream with fried banana topped with powder sugar. I am not a banana liking person however I loved the coconut ice cream.

When such a beautiful menu accompanies the great hospitality of Park Hyatt the day can not be lesser than an awesome one. Constant interaction with the chefs and answering our all layman doubts with full of patience and love was the most loving gesture I felt. They have surely raised the bar of service in my mind and I may not like anything lesser than that now. The staff and people around were so loving and caring. That’s the way you fine dine.

The other aspect which any foodie will look into will be interiors and this place score nothing less than full marks. Occupying huge space with a outdoor and indoor seating area this will be a fantastic place to enjoy your meal.

Overall its was a fantastic day for me and I recommend my readers to visit this restaurant whenever they get a chance and most probably you may find me there as well. I am going to visit this place to relive my masterclass days soon.

Thankyou once again Zomato and Park Hyatt !

Oriental Bar and Kitchen - Park Hyatt Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


How We Played OUR HOLI :D

I was brought up in northern part of India somewhere close to Lucknow where Holi is one of the important festivals. Going by our history and mythology there will be umpteen reasons as to why and when we celebrate Holi but for me this festival always used to come when I had my final examination in school.

Today , I actually don’t remember when was the last time I played Holi with my friends and family. Mere thought of this four letter word gave me flume of childhood happy memories. If I dig deeper into my memory tank,  I always wondered why our school purposefully kept exams clashing Holi! Inspite of the draconian ideas our school had to deter the kids from playing Holi, me and my friends always had a plan.

So today I will tell you about how we played Our Holi. The first day is Holika Dahan where we have to put a fire in the evening to burn the devil Holika. In a group of around 6-7 kids, the task was divided. The big ones of the group would collect big logs , the medium ones would collect the small logs and take care of the bigger logs collected because the other group people may come and snatch it anytime and the little ones would collect the fallen dry leaves, newspaper, junks and some money from neighbours showing their cute puppy faces for the prasad. In the evening we all with our parents merrily burn the devil Holika , celebrate over the waste collection we did as a team, feel proud that our flare was taller and brighter than others and happily munch on the prasad with a hope we will do great in our exams.

Now the next day and the best one because parents were not going to shout that why are we so dirty! What a relief it was. We started our day with wearing old cloths, greasing our hair and body with coconut oil and then move out with fighting weapons, the pichkaris.  As soon as you move out the game of colours begin. The only rule was colour your friends as much as you can. When colour can make no difference on our appearance, it was time to attack the other group as a team. The motive was to win , no idea what we won. Unfortunately, if we ran out of our water colours or  pichkari got blocked with colour then we borrowed some gulal from elder ones but that can not make us win the game. So the wet mud balls!  Finally if either a team has won the game or parents had somehow recognised their rainbow coloured kids then we were taken to home. Well I do not have a picture of our gang but we would have looked something like the below picture by the end(random google image).


Random Google Image Just For Description

After bath  we would eagerly wait to go out in the evening and check out our friends. Most of us would be pink even after multiple baths and if you are in no colour that evening then it means you have not played your Holi well. It was a disgrace! Whatever it was we would happily munch on sweet gujiyas, play, laugh, giggle and again hope that we do well in our exams.

Don’t remember how many of us actually did well in the school exam but we all are living a great life now and whenever we meet somewhere the Holi memories are still a topic to be discussed in the gang. We all have passed the test of friendship and learnt the value of working as team.

Thankyou BlogAdda and Parachute Advance for giving me an opportunity to share my great Holi memories with all. I’m pledging #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories at BlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed. The video below has made me all the more nostalgic and I request my readers to watch it !


Dine O China

We chose this restaurant for a casual dinning experience for our Sunday dinner. This is a new entry in the list of Chinese restaurant in Gachibowli, Hyderabad area.

I personally like the Indian version of Chinese , the spicy one !   So don’t know if people love that non-authentic version or not but I prefer that. So there goes a plus point to the restaurant for that.

The ambiance is pretty nice and comfortable with ample seating area. We chose to sit near the huge glass window overlooking the city lights. I loved the combination of lamp shades they have used, its a mix of red and white in the center and black hammered metal ones on the sides.

For the food we started with lemon coriander soup , crackling spinach and potato, fried chicken wings. I felt the soup was too thick in its texture , I like the lemon coriander soup to flow like water but the taste was good. The crackling spinach and potato was fine would have loved had it more spinach and less potato in it. The fried chicken wings were stunning! In main course we ordered Chili Paneer and Schezwan Noodles. The noodle was nice and chili paneer was awesome. The paneer was cotton soft and just melted in mouth. The best chili paneer I have had in Hyderabad. The quantity of food served was good, one dish was enough for two people.

Now the service. It was remarkable! The staff was very prompt and courteous in their service. The food came very quickly. Then the bill. We paid around Rs 1000. Very economical restaurant.

Overall a great restaurant and we will visit it again on Chinese craving days.

Dine O China Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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It’s All In Our Mind !

Today’s Daily Prompt is – Divide  !

Whenever we, atleast I, think of the word ‘divide’ the first few thoughts which come to my mind are minus, loosing, sorrow, grief, enmity, war,rule etc. How can a word by all itself be so negative ! So when I thought once again about the word ‘divide’ , I realised that I have been unnecessarily too harsh with the word. There can be good things associated with the word too, like share, give, happiness etc.

As kids we have been always taught by our parents that divide and share your chocolates with siblings and friends. When we were adults we were told share and divide your sorrows with family and friends and it will vanish.

Thus dividing or divide is not bad at all. It’s all about the circumstances and the way we perceive it. It’s All In Our Mind !  Stay positive, stay happy.