6 Degrees – Game of Blogs

on June 14, 2016


6 Degrees – Game of Blogs is a product of an unique concept done by Blogadda. The bloggers were told to form team of around ten members each and spin a story around the same characters- Sekhar, Tara, Roohi, Jennifer, Cyrus, and Aryan Ahuja living in the same city – Mumbai. Well, its not only the names of the character that’s same across the book but their background remains the same throughout:

  1. Sekhar : a house husband and freelance writer without much of work these days;
  2. Tara : Sekhar’s wife and a highly successful professional in a media house
  3. Roohi: Sekhar and Tara ‘s 9 year old girl
  4. Jennifer : a happy go girl with her Nikon camera
  5. Cyrus: a law student
  6. Aryan Ahuja : Sekhar and Tara’s neighbour

After many rounds, three teams were selected as winners by renowned authors and 6 degrees was published. The stories which made to the final entry into the book were :

  1. The Awakening – a science fiction
  2. Entangled Life – a murder mystery
  3. Missing – A Journey Within – a thriller

I am purposefully refraining myself from giving any kind of gist for the stories. This may ruin the charm and secret or suspense factor of the stories for the book readers.

With respect to my opinion or review of this book, I simply enjoyed reading all the three short stories. Although fiction but hard to believe that how the same characters can lead entirely different lifestyle in each story. The stories were written with utmost perfection in its details, well-paced and very well can be related to our real life. The language used in the stories was simple yet chiseled and clearly looks like coming from a batch of seasoned writers. Well I remember, while reading the first story, I felt a blue eye starting at me from side. I had to close my book and look around. The story was so engrossing! Reading the stories were surely a delight.

To be honest, I did not hurry up at all in finishing the book. Since the characters were same in all the three stories , I thought of taking a break to sink in with the previous story and then jump on to the next so as to avoid any kind of comparison. However, I felt that each story being so unique in itself, it cannot be compared and will surely be unjust to do so. The characters are given their due justice in each story. The connection between the characters were well drawn , the stories were well knitted.

The second thing which I loved about the stories were that these were not at all any age specific or gender specific. Can be enjoyed by anyone at anytime. The book being a collection of short stories is ideal for a short and easy read.

So I will recommend my readers to please read this book of unique concept and do let me know, if you also felt the blue eye staring at you or if you also thought Mr. Java was a mean man and a jerk, like I did !!! 🙂

I am looking forward for the second volume of 6 degrees were I can get some new stories around these characters. I hope to see them soon! Moreover, I would like to congratulate all the teams on their win and Blogadda for initiating such innovative concepts and taking creativity to a new level.

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