It’s All In Our Mind !

Today’s Daily Prompt is – Divide  !

Whenever we, atleast I, think of the word ‘divide’ the first few thoughts which come to my mind are minus, loosing, sorrow, grief, enmity, war,rule etc. How can a word by all itself be so negative ! So when I thought once again about the word ‘divide’ , I realised that I have been unnecessarily too harsh with the word. There can be good things associated with the word too, like share, give, happiness etc.

As kids we have been always taught by our parents that divide and share your chocolates with siblings and friends. When we were adults we were told share and divide your sorrows with family and friends and it will vanish.

Thus dividing or divide is not bad at all. It’s all about the circumstances and the way we perceive it. It’s All In Our Mind !  Stay positive, stay happy.


Never Say NO; Until You KNOW

Never Say NO; Until You KNOW.

Sharing an old post for today’s prompt – FIRST !


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Hello Goldilocks !

Honestly, the first thing I did was to search the exact meaning of “Goldilocks” online. I found a small story describing the principle of Goldilocks: a fairy-tale heroine who enters the house of the Three Bears and declares the possessions of Baby Bear to be ‘just right’, as compared to those of Father Bear and Mother Bear.

This story made me realize that I am unknowingly following the same principle for my life as well. This is absolutely me. My decision of “Just Right” is by removing the odd ones out.


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Day By Day Nothing Changes But When You Look Back Everything Is Different.

Day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different! Yes, that’s what has happened with me. My hobbies, my interests in life, my likes and dislikes, things I admired or I hated most have changed with these growing years. Just like any other kid, I also had hobbies at each stage of my life. Few survived a little longer, few died too early, few were killed by others and some have sprouted over the years. So I think I will share with my readers what I did at each stage of my life:

AGE 4- 7

Believe it or not, any girl is a born fashionista. I found my initial hobby and fashion sense in colouring. Although I never got a huge credit at that point of time. My mother would bring me new colouring books and I will colour all the picture as quickly as possible. I personally believed, I had the best colouring sense !


AGE 8-12

I was born creative. Trust me. This time, I found pleasure in cutting all the pictures that interests me from newpapers, magazines or any other source and stick them on wall, cupboard doors or wherever I like to. My idea was to decorate our home. Initially my parents tried to restrict the places where I can stick my photos but when they could not handle my increased frequency of cutting and pasting pictures all over the house, the hobby was killed. All the pictures were removed, scissors and glue were seized and kept beyond my reach.


AGE 13-15

I will never let my creativity die. Now I thought I will become a scientist someday. So I started with experiments. Some of my super-cool experiments were to collect leaves, flowers, bird feathers from roads and press them inside heavy books or under the bed mattress, mix-up colours, pour whatever I can in water etc. One major experiment I distinctly remember I was working on: I took small onions from kitchen poured them inside my mother’s new perfume bottle and hide it under the bed. That was my last experiment. I surrendered all my leaves, flowers, feathers and everything under the bed/mattress/balcony/terrace/school bag. My hobby was killed!

AGE 16 – 19

Amidst the pressure of board exams (any student will know how Indian parents behave when its board exams!) I could manage to continue and grow my childhood hobby of painting and colouring. Alas! after a long time my parents took me seriously. My mother still hang my canvas paintings inside the home and will make sure that all new visitors should have a look over that. Well I knew I could not be painter, it required a lot more precision. So the hobby died out naturally.


Another hobby which that was trying to take shape was collecting stamps. I made frequent visits to post office to check what the new collection is and pick up all letters and greetings that will come to our or neighbor’s home. It was a good collection but then I stopped, I don’t know why!

12 gandhi stamps unsold Large

AGE 20 –23

The college time and then entry into job world. The newly gained freedom, which everyone loves. So my hobby was to watch movies, look out for restaurants which serves best food at lowest possible price, plan outings with friends and to plan anything and everything with friends.

Most of the places we visited during that time were sea shores and from that time I started collecting shells from shores.  But I just pick sea shells and keep it in a polybag. Can anyone suggest me how to keep those in a better way?


Age 25 – 26

After marriage I thought I should learn a bit of cooking now and that’s how the hobby for cooking started. It grew when I moved to US with my husband and still the hobby continues with small hiccups in between. Some more hobbies that I have grown recently are starting a personal blog and collecting fridge magnets wherever we go (collecting fridge magnet was my husband’s idea).


So that’s how my hobbies have grown, fallen , matured and taken shape so far. Would love to hear yours so that I can have few more additions.



PC: Google Images

PC: Google Images

Give away a sense and gain super-sensitivity in another! Sounds absurd but that’s what the daily prompt is asking me today.

My first thought was: I don’t want to give up any of the senses and gain a super-sensitivity in another. Frankly speaking I am scared what will I do if I don’t have one of the senses that God has gifted me with. Losing something has engulfed me so much that gaining a super-sensitivity has now become secondary. For one moment I felt I am a selfish soul. Then after a pause I thought to read about what other’s are willing to give away. Goodness! most of the author’s were under the same dilemma. A great sigh of relief. Now I feel less guilty, less selfish.

I did a lot of brainstorming and unnecessary scribbling on my writing pad but still could not decide on what I can give away so I am not asking for any super-sensitivity as well. But I realized few things: My sense of fear was so high that it made me forget the sense of achievement. I preferred to stay where I am instead of taking a risk and achieve something new or great. I may not require or may not be using all that I am possessing with me right now but I am reluctant in giving it away. Just because others are not doing, I also did not.

For sure, its time to change now !

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New Generation God


Today I came across a new term Baba Activism. The term sounded very attractive to me. I have always associated the word ‘activism’ with a silent or mild violence approach (peaceful rallies, marches, strikes) to bring about a good change in the society, politics or economics. Being a law graduate, the word ‘judicial activism’ has always pre dominated in my mind and I love the fact that how our judiciary peacefully brought in major changes through their judgments.

Baba Activism is no way similar to my expectations. To those who are still wondering what this Hinglish word actually means, it is all about the nuisance by a person who has self proclaimed him/herself as god in the society. I am not an atheist. I do believe in gods and worship them. The fact that I can bow my head in front of someone, confess all my guilt, wish for happiness and prosperity for myself and my loved ones without trading for anything surely gives me immense power and a sense of satisfaction to look ahead in life. But what about such self-proclaimed gods !

Changes are bound to occur. New things will come and Old will vanish. But does it happen with gods too. Will old gods go and new gods replace them? Sounds bit astonishing to me. Personally I don’t feel this is a very good idea. Believing in god is a matter of trust which doesn’t depreciate with time. There is no need to create new gods to fulfil our wishes. The right attitude and hard work is the only key to success. For those who aspire for heaven after death, make earth a desirable place to live in. Respect the fellow humans, protect the surrounding animals, plants and environment.

There is no harm if someone decides to preach the society about the good values they should pursue in their day to day life. A common man is so much afraid and has become superstitious about small things that some treacherous people take this advantage and practically loot them. A real god will never trade or demand something from you in lieu of your well being.

My only suggestion to the readers, trust in god but don’t believe someone blindly.

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Our Journey To Mars

With eyes glued on live telecast of MANGALYAN, our happiness had no bounds when ISRO declared its success of “MOM“. After waiting for the longest 12.5 minutes when MANGALYAN entered the Mar’s orbit, we all fluttered with joy and heart filled with pride that we as a nation has achieved it.

My joy doubled after hearing our Prime Minister Modi’s speech that we are the first Asian country to reach Red Planet and the first nation to achieve success in its maiden attempt. What genius our scientists are, nothing to wonder though. Later on reading some articles, facebook updates and browsing other social media I came across more interesting facts regarding MOM and thought of sharing those with you all.

  1. Our budget for Mangalyan was less than Hollywood science fiction “Gravity“. We believe in reality.
  2. The size of Mangalyan is about a Nano car.
  3. India is the first country in the world to successfully enter the Mars orbit, after the Soviet Union, United States and Europe.
  4. The cost of the Mars Orbiter Mission is about Rs.4 per Indian.
  5. Mangalyan was build in just 15 months.
  6. Fully integrated and fueled for flight, Mangalyaan weighs about 1,337 Kilograms.
  7. MOM will try to find water and methane on Mars which are essential for sustainability of life. It will be orbiting Mars for about 160 days.
  8. Trip to Mars was around 680 million kilometers which was completed in 200 days. It was exactly on the day our scientist estimated it to be, i.e, 24th September, 2014.
  9. It takes approximately 12 minutes to send and receive signals between Earth and Mangalyan.
  10. Probes to Mars have a high failure rate. Of the 51 missions so far, only 21 have been successful. A similar mission by China failed in 2011.

India is truly shining. Let’s pledge to continue on this path of success. 

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I love to plan my things. Be it next day’s lunch/cloths or next week’s shopping or next month’s travel plan or next year’s moving to a new home. Yes! most of the times I have a plan for myself. Not because it involves less risks but because I believe it makes the event perfect. Though sometimes the plan works out sometimes not but that’s how my life has been so far. So here is a glimpse of my next planning for the Things I Must Do Before I Die:

  1. Meet Shahrukh Khan. I have no particular reason except for the fact that I believe he is the BEST.  I want to have a photograph with him. 
  2. Travel. I have a dream of travelling across the world. Don’t know if I can visit all the places but surely few are on my mind now:  Kashmir, Kerala, Egypt, Paris, Sundarban Forest ! No idea how these places made entry into my mind. 
  3. Swimming. My husband loves to snorkel but I never joined him. Without knowing how to swim, the big oceans scare me big time. So I want to learn swimming and explore the underwater life with my husband. 
  4. Be The Legal Head. For most of the people (not affiliated to legal profession) law is all about litigation and courts. I want to change that thinking first. Like a doctor or engineer specialised in different areas a lawyer may have expertise in different things. I love to draft agreements and be one of the expert. My ultimate goal is to work as a legal head for a MNC. 
  5. Decorate My Home. We have recently bought a flat and will get the possession soon. I wish to plan all the interiors and furnishing of my home. Although I already have the colours in my mind. 
  6. Shopping. Sometimes I feel I am a shopaholic but I am concerned whether the stuff I am purchasing is worth it or not. So one day I want to just shop without looking at the price tags. 
  7. Be fit. Oh yeah ! Like every girls dream even I wish to be fit or to be precise not to be called fat by Indian standards. But I never want to give away my dose of cakes, ice creams, chat, namkeen and other junk ones. 
  8. Make A Change. Whenever there’s a crime against a women, the mankind has failed. I don’t know if I can stop all these. But I wish to pour courage in the girls and women to raise their voice against these crimes. Being silent towards the crime is equivalent to committing the crime. 
  9. Be Like My Mother. I feel she is the perfect lady I have known so far. I wish to be like her in every respect. The way she cooks, the way she wears her saree, the way she keeps calm whenever we did wrong …. its a countless list. I try to imitate her to my best possibility but it seems so hard. 
  10. Win A Chess Game. I have always lost the game in Chess, no matter with whom I have played with. So I wish to win once, atleast once!  

Still or Active ?


Weekly Photo Challenge : Adventure


On a evening walk. Captured using a mobile camera.


Teacher’s Day !!

Happy Teacher’s Day Greetings for Orkut

Teacher’s Day in India (5th September) marks the birthday of  Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and celebrate the contribution of teachers. 

This day is meant to celebrate the contribution of all our teachers in our life. But to me it seems it’s a day for me to celebrate and boast about the fact that how much my teachers loved me. When I read something, a teacher taught me. When I talk, a teacher taught me. When I hold my pen and write, a teacher taught me. The list is endless. Every thing I do, there’s a teacher who has taught me to do it and most importantly she taught me to do it in a right way. I wonder, when did they penetrate so deep into my thoughts and actions without me even realizing it. Every time when I said to someone, “YES, MY TEACHER TOLD ME THIS” was a proud moment for me.

It’s hard to imagine a life without you Teacher and a single day may not be enough for thanking you for your selfless efforts in making me what I am today.


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