How We Played OUR HOLI :D

I was brought up in northern part of India somewhere close to Lucknow where Holi is one of the important festivals. Going by our history and mythology there will be umpteen reasons as to why and when we celebrate Holi but for me this festival always used to come when I had my final examination in school.

Today , I actually don’t remember when was the last time I played Holi with my friends and family. Mere thought of this four letter word gave me flume of childhood happy memories. If I dig deeper into my memory tank,  I always wondered why our school purposefully kept exams clashing Holi! Inspite of the draconian ideas our school had to deter the kids from playing Holi, me and my friends always had a plan.

So today I will tell you about how we played Our Holi. The first day is Holika Dahan where we have to put a fire in the evening to burn the devil Holika. In a group of around 6-7 kids, the task was divided. The big ones of the group would collect big logs , the medium ones would collect the small logs and take care of the bigger logs collected because the other group people may come and snatch it anytime and the little ones would collect the fallen dry leaves, newspaper, junks and some money from neighbours showing their cute puppy faces for the prasad. In the evening we all with our parents merrily burn the devil Holika , celebrate over the waste collection we did as a team, feel proud that our flare was taller and brighter than others and happily munch on the prasad with a hope we will do great in our exams.

Now the next day and the best one because parents were not going to shout that why are we so dirty! What a relief it was. We started our day with wearing old cloths, greasing our hair and body with coconut oil and then move out with fighting weapons, the pichkaris.  As soon as you move out the game of colours begin. The only rule was colour your friends as much as you can. When colour can make no difference on our appearance, it was time to attack the other group as a team. The motive was to win , no idea what we won. Unfortunately, if we ran out of our water colours or  pichkari got blocked with colour then we borrowed some gulal from elder ones but that can not make us win the game. So the wet mud balls!  Finally if either a team has won the game or parents had somehow recognised their rainbow coloured kids then we were taken to home. Well I do not have a picture of our gang but we would have looked something like the below picture by the end(random google image).


Random Google Image Just For Description

After bath  we would eagerly wait to go out in the evening and check out our friends. Most of us would be pink even after multiple baths and if you are in no colour that evening then it means you have not played your Holi well. It was a disgrace! Whatever it was we would happily munch on sweet gujiyas, play, laugh, giggle and again hope that we do well in our exams.

Don’t remember how many of us actually did well in the school exam but we all are living a great life now and whenever we meet somewhere the Holi memories are still a topic to be discussed in the gang. We all have passed the test of friendship and learnt the value of working as team.

Thankyou BlogAdda and Parachute Advance for giving me an opportunity to share my great Holi memories with all. I’m pledging #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories at BlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed. The video below has made me all the more nostalgic and I request my readers to watch it !


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Change Begins At Home

This advertisement by Ariel is surely a great initiative of telling the society that a man and a woman are equal in every respect and household responsibilities for both are equal too. When I read the statistics of how our country thinks a women or a girl should behave, its horrific but unfortunately true till today.

Thank god my childhood and now my married life both are different ! Or I say we as children have learnt from our parents that how a beautiful home works. Both my parents were working , so there always used to be paucity of time of how to manage the job , the kids and household work. I must say my parents were super humans. How beautifully they had divided the household work and taken care of me and my younger brother is a wonderful example of how couples should be.

I am lucky to have a husband like my father. I have not known cooking till I got married and I don’t know laundry till now. The urge to learn new dishes have made me a better cook than my husband but he is still better in managing laundry. So just like my parents, both of us are working too and we too have very limited time in finishing this household work. So to finish up quickly and spend quality time with each other , I cook and he does the home laundry. He knows how to sort the cloths, which cloths to be washed together and what not to be washed together and bla bla bla everything related to laundry. Sometimes I feel may be washing machine is his first love ;-). Well I love the fact that he takes care of my cloths so well but the only disappointment comes when he takes such a good care of my cloths that I do not get a reason to shop more often. A shopaholic girl like me will understand this feeling better. Jokes apart ! Whenever I tell our story of how we save on time to my friends or relatives, most of them are in a state ofshock ! They don’t believe me or say I am making up stuff.

People should understand that gone are those days when women used to be at home doing all household chores . They work too.  Then it surely becomes a man’s responsibility to share the household chores with her. It’s not non-manly to do laundry, it about an understanding husband who helps his wife with her work. So my only advice to the married men will be : help your wife, show some love and extra love will come your way for sure !  It’s time to change and not let the prejudices pass on to our next generation.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

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Origin Of A Beautiful Smile :)

After marriage it took me few weeks to realise how true my grandma’s age old theory was; the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. So in order to win my man’s heart I decided its time I should conquer the kitchen of my house and prepare some yummy dishes. Things were not smooth at all for me. I had learnt the art of multi tasking with my office work, shopping online, eating and listening music but multi tasking with a hot pan of oil, knife, pouring so many ingredients in a particular sequence was surely a nightmare! Felt like some rocket science to me! Plus the paucity of time to cook those dream recipes after office and balance between not to gain weight by eating those yummy recipes had almost taken away the charm from me to enter my kitchen and cook.

One day I shared my disappointment with my mother that how things are getting difficult and confusing for me. I am loosing control over my kitchen and I hate it. Then there comes a priceless advice from her of how to maintain my mental peace and apply the grandma’s age old theory into this modern time. Mommies are always great and a rescue in such hard time. She introduced me to the quick, easy and lip smacking range of McCain products. I bought my first packet of potato smiles and from there started the journey of me being a very innovative and super cook in the family. For me the icing was that I can bake and eat McCain, no need to fry. That means no oil, no weight gain, just fat free delicious snack ready in 3 minutes. Moreover the smile on the face of my family members was simply an awesome feeling. Its a bundle of joy.

I was back to my kitchen conquering it again with a higher zeal. My husband was already impressed. Target had been achieved : winning the heart of my man. I can testify now that my grandma’s age old theory was true and my super mom is always a saviour for me.

I have now started innovating with McCain products. Few of my favourite innovations have been Allu Chat, Wraps, Sandwitches, Burgers and much more. Guests in the house are no more trouble now because I always have a pack of McCain with me. Easy storage and quick to make has made it all the more useful to me.

Thanks McCain for making us smile everyday and enjoy delicious snacks in the comfort of our home. So my dear friends now we know that a beautiful smile originates from a happy stomach. 🙂

McCain : Lets Put A Smile On That Face. Source: McCain India Website

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This or That ?

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to make a choice among the present things or people or situation. By virtue of being human we do not want anything to go away or leave an option out. It becomes more difficult when we don’t know what will be the effects of our choice in future.

I am sure, most of my readers would have come across such a situation in their life when they wanted to have all but can take only one. What to do, which one to pick , the mind keep on thinking and worrying. I have heard from few of my friends and family members that the best thing to do is to listen to your heart. Toss a coin , hold it and think which side you want.

Unfortunately, all the life decisions can not be made with a toss. I too had a moment like this, where the toss will not help my already meddled mind. It was a career decision. My mom, wanted me to be a software engineer and I wanted to study law. For a young mind it was a difficult time to decide what to choose a lucrative career or venture into a professional background where no one known has done anything before. Getting admission into a good engineering or law college in first attempt is itself a privilege. But to choose one, is difficult. I did not want to pursue a career in litigation even after studying law. Then what were the other options, I had no idea and no answer to convince my parents.

After much of internet research and advice from all known friends and relatives the only thing that helped me to make a decision was my father’s advice to me – The Sachchi Advice – “Do what you love to do now and will always love to do.” I chose to study law. A decision I will always cherish and my parents will always be proud of . Today I work as an in-house legal counsel in a company and I enjoy my work.

“I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda.”

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Save Tree : Go 100 % Paperless At Workplace

Last weekend I went to Pench National Park and was mesmerised by its beauty. The lush green cover till the horizon, a crystal clear river flowing in mid of the jungle, chirping colorful birds and butterflies and animals moving freely. That was a rare sight. The only thing I could wish, was to stay there forever and never return to monotonous concrete jungle.

A Tiger Roaming In Pench National Park

A Tiger Roaming In Pench National Park

Today’s Google Doodle is on Earth Day. Out of curiosity, I thought of reading more about Earth Day and then I found this video “Earth is Calling” by Studio NH 47 which is supported by Green Yatra, dedicated to conservation and protection of nature.

This video gave me a chill. I was delighted that I had a chance to enjoy the nature so closely last weekend. But then a thought crossed my mind. Will such a nature visit become so exclusive and rare in coming years? Will my next generation ever have a chance to experience this? The answer to all my questions were a clear NO, provided continue like this.

I am a corporate lawyer by profession. Most of my time goes in drafting agreements and documents. With a little work experience of 4 years I can say, an agreement will undergo numerous changes. Every time a change is made, a print out is taken to seek company approval. On a single day I take about an average of 15-20 sheets of print out. So by this rate I pile up around 140 sheets per week , 600 sheets per month and more than 7000 sheets per year on my desk.

Now look at some of this mind-blowing facts:

  • 1 ton of uncoated virgin (non-recycled) printing and office paper uses 24 trees
  • Approximately 324 L. of water is used to produce 1 KG of paper.
  • Average worldwide annual paper consumption is 48 KG per person
  • It is estimated that 95% of business information is still stored on paper.
  • The average daily web user prints 28 pages daily.
  • Recycling 54 KG of newspaper will save one tree.
  • Recycling paper uses 60% less energy than manufacturing virgin timber paper.
  • Every tree provides oxygen enough for 3 people to breathe.
  • Recycling half the world’s paper would free 20 million acres of forestland.

Therefor every year 10- 12 trees are cut down because of me, i.e. One Person Only. Our world population is more than 7 billion.  You can imagine by this rate we will soon have a day where there will be no trees at all. No need to mention the side effects we will have without trees.

I thought of sharing a small idea which I practice myself and may bring in significant change if followed by others as well. The target is – “100 % Paperless At Workplace” . To achieve this – I don’t take a print out every time. I make use of the technology we have – use upgraded Microsoft office , Adobe Writer version etc. which allows lots of flexibility, communicate via mail, telephone or in person. On occasions where print is mandatory, I print on both sides of paper or reuse one-sided printed papers for printing again. I bundle the printing paper in a file and use it for small notes, scribbling or brainstorming. Going beyond, I am thinking to suggest my company to recycle all such paper collected from employees instead of shredding them and creating a waste from it. Recycled paper can be put to various use in our day to day work life like making envelops, clean some places, to cover something etc. If we all try to achieve the target of 100 % paperless at workplace, we are bound to save a lot number of trees.

This was my small contribution to the green cause to make this world a cleaner, greener place.I look forward for your support.


MOBILE : My New Found Best Friend

Gone are those days when “Roti, Kapda aur Makan” used to be the bare essentials for living. For me and my generation it is “Mobile“! With a mobile in hand, I am like the super-woman who can do anything I wish to. My life has practically reached a higher level  of contentment.

No need to be a tech-savvy to relish the boons of a mobile, everything is just one touch away! It’s so simple and then sky is limit to do anything. I may not be achieving a lot with it like others but the small things it does for me has made my life so much simpler and easy. It has given me the flexibility to do things at my own whims and fancies and being a girl I will always cherish this feeling. 🙂


I can shop online; surf my Facebook, Twitter account, chat with friends and family on Whatsapp and Hangout; check my office and personal mails; listen songs; watch videos; get all news updates; share pictures with family and friends; do a video chat or call for free even across the countries; book a cab and go anytime anywhere ; checkout new recipes or order food online when I am hungry; play new games when I am bored ; pay all my bills and rent on time, get home decor ideas on Pinterest, Google on things I want to learn and the list will go on and go. The best thing is now I can handle all this activities almost at one single time without messing up because of my mobile. I have become a jack of all trades now. Hurry !  😀


For everything, small or big, it is mobile! It won’t be an exaggeration if I say mobile is my friend in need without a much of deed ! The only thing it demands for is battery charging. 🙂


I feel so independent and confident when I can manage all my personal things just in one touch without carrying a huge laptop bag on my back or waiting for wifi or broadband to do all this. This paradigm shift from laptop to mobile is a boon in life for a girl like me. I have already started feeling lazy to switch on my laptop to just surf internet. I always prefer my mobile to cut the time of switching on and then shutting it down and putting it back inside the laptop bag. So much of workload has been reduced by the small gadget. 😛


Further more I can change my mobile model and keep up with the latest fashion without much of a hassle ! 🙂


So I feel mobile is a girl’s best friend. It has given us the freedom and confidence that we had always wanted for ourselves and compliments our style and fashion by being sleek and handy which can fit in almost any jeans pocket or designer clutch.

So I wish to thank Mr. MartinMartyCooper who invented the first handheld cellular Mobile phone and made our lives so great ! (This research is also done through mobile only 🙂 )

I am participating in the #SMWBangalore activity at BlogAdda in association with Social Media Week Bangalore.



Truth triumps! It did and will always. And that’s what Kinley 2014 TVC  is trying to embed in the young minds by telling them “Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein” by their new television advertisement:

I was simply in love with the advertisement. It reminded me of a small childhood incident.  So before I tell you what happened with us a small background is required.

Our mother was a school teacher. Like all she was our first teacher and always taught us the values of truth and concept of self-dependent in doing our daily chores. Though I felt a bit magical about her because she always knew what we were doing or thinking. I was in class 5th and my brother was in nursery when the incident took place. As per the daily schedule of our home, me and my father will leave early in the morning and then my mother will push my little brother in his school bus and leave for her work.

One day my mother had some extra-curricular activities in her school so she left a bit early to manage those activities in her school. The servant of our house was told to stay for an extra 5- 10 minutes to push my brother in his school bus that day. Our obedient servant did so. After coming back from school my little brother did not go to play with his friends, he was not watching tv, did not fight with me for playing video game, ate whatever my mother gave him silently. His weirdness was making me happy because for a change he is not fighting with me today and I can have the tv, video game and whatever I want to all my own. But as I told earlier our mother always knew everything. She suspected something fishy in his behavior and knew the little boy cannot be silent for so long without a reason.

After a long introspection by her on my brother’s behavior, he finally said, “Mummy maine bidi nahi pee“. That statement was enough for my mother to understand what had happened in the morning when she left. The servant was obviously thrown out, my brother and because of him I also got a long counselling on what we should do and what not from her. I was listening to her more carefully because my brother seemed more carefree now. He was back to his routine notorious activities. He had uttered the truth which was bothering him for so long and now he is relieved to carry on with all his usual non-sense. Being elder, I just listened to my mother.

Even now, whenever we think of that incident we all laugh and actually make a fun of my brother. But for sure he and with him, I also had learnt that “Kitna chain hota hai sacchai me” and then we never even dared to hide anything from our mother. It’s always better to tell her because chances are that she already knows it.

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Shave To Be Confident !

Today I will share a small incident my grand ma told me once.

Everyday she will get up before the sun rises, take bath, clean puja ghar, pluck flowers, light candles and agarbattis and start her puja. As a kid, I was very fond of these activities and wanted to help her in everything she does. But one thing always used to tingle my mind and I wanted to ask her that when she says that God is above all and he is not affected by worldly things then why she plucks those innocent flowers, light candles and agarbattis all around the room, rings bell,sing hymns, feed the stone idols? One day I finally decided to ask and her answer amazed me more. She said, “I am not doing all these for God, I am doing these things for myself.”  How?  I asked her instantly with my eyes popping out. She laughed and explained to me, God is above all. As a human being we just have to trust him and keep our faith in him. We do so by praying and bowing our head in front of him. The reason for doing puja in the early morning is because our mind is at calm and we have maximum concentration power  in the morning. Praying in the morning fills our mind with good thoughts and we start our day with a great beginning. Lighting candles and agarbattis, plucking flowers and decorating the puja room are meant only to enhance our concentration in what we are going to do. God will never be bothered how many candles we light or which flowers we place before him.

This small incident stayed and made a great impact on me. I understood one thing that the inner beauty of soul is forever but to give our best we need to have self confidence. Someone has rightly said, a man is known for his clothes and a gentleman by his appearance. The first impression is very important, it will last forever and hard to change. So why not make it the best and unforgettable. Opportunities do not give an alarm before they come. In today’s world a person has to be prepared for everything at anytime. The simple mantra is to look best and deliver best. Thus, irrespective of the gender personal grooming has become a mandatory part of our daily to do list. Women do it by having timely parlour schedules or  make-up and men do it by shaving or flaunting their hairstyle. No one want to take a chance in their life and why we should ? There is no harm in to be always ready and prepared for what may come in our life. We need to be prepared to be a winner. So always look best,be confident and nail it ! So will you shave and how you shave, you have to decide.



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10 Minute Challenge !

Write on anything that I can think of, the only condition is that I have 10 minutes. Sounds exciting! I have started with the challenge and yet unsure of what will follow. Since I am strictly following the rules of this game, my fingers are just typing and I am just flowing with them.

I feel I am back to school playing some fun game with my friends where we used to write name, place, animal and an object name starting with an alphabet and race who will win. This made us learn about a lot of places, a lot about animals and things and the ability to think fast. There were more games of such kind and I wish to play them with my friends again.

And now I can think of some quotes which I came across while reading or browsing internet:

1. This shall pass too. Good or Bad, everything will pass and other will come. It’s a vicious cycle of life.

2. Time is relativity. When u want it to stop, it runs. When you want it to run, it pause.

This ten minutes have been absolute fun for me. Numerous thoughts crossed my mind, many dreams have started floating again and by the end of this ten minutes I know I THINK TOO MUCH. 😛


Happy Blogging!