Sahib’s Barbeque by Ohris

I felt a little naive after Sahib introduced me to its barbeque menu inspired from traditional Hyderabadi cuisine. To all those like me who think its all about biryani and haleem , please visit this new entry of the town. Sahib has not only taken that traditional cuisine of Hyderabad but has also given a royal touch to its ambiance with live ghazals going on in background.

This was a food tasting session. We were welcomed with a masala lichi drink which was followed by Marag, Lukhmi, Bheja Fry, Shikampuri Kebab, Veg Tikki etc. My favourite was Lukhmi in this section. Then came the barbeque section which had paneer , mushrooms, pineapple, chicken and prawns. The barbeque part was average. I was expecting more variety here given the name of the restaurant is Sahib’s barbeque. The main course was a huge spread of biryani, mehkalia chicken, curries of paneer , mixed veg, chicken, prawns , katti dal etc. with variety of naans (speciality is taulia naan and a must try). I loved the unique naans Sahib had for the main course. The dessert section had choice of double ka meetha, kheer, gulab jamun, jauji halwa, khubani ka meetha and variety of ice creams. I loved the jauji halwa and the way they smoke it and serve. Do watch the process if you here and enjoy the halwa. This huge menu is complimented with salads, dahi vada and a huge collection of unique pickles. I could not taste the pickles myself as I was already overloaded my tummy.

Overall I enjoyed the food and prompt service by the staff. Few things that I felt could have been there were a better food presentation, an individual comfortable chairs instead of sofas, a little choice for mocktails and cocktails with the food and addition of variety in barbequed menu.

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Aamlicious Affair At Rajdhani !

When King of Thali – Rajdhani Thali decides to bring in King of Fruits – Mango Raja on its plate, it becomes a delicious aamlicious treat for all. I have been to this kingsize thali restaurant ample number of times to cherish the traditional rajasthani dishes. Dal Bati Churma, Kichri , Gatte Ki Sabzi are some of the dishes that I love here most but this time it was an aamlicious affair at Rajdhani.


I was invited for a food tasting event on their ongoing Mango Festival and my expectations were I will get aamras, aam panna and some aam dessert and chutneys. Fortunately, I was completely wrong and awestruck with the aamlicious menu they had served. Mango in everything and everything tasting so awesome. On menu they had kaccha aam drink , mango lassi, dal with mango, kache aam ke samosa ki sabzi, snacks filled with mango, mango chutneys, aam ras, aam pulao , aam jalebi , aam ki launji  and the list goes on and on. A glimpse of what all we had is here in the picture below.


Never on my dreams I had thought of relishing mango in so many different forms. Thanks to Jodha Maharaj for inventing such wonderful dishes and Rajdhani for hosting such a special event. A picture of him and with him becomes mandatory then !


I will recommend my readers to must visit this place on their ongoing Mango Festival and enjoy the summers with this innovative dishes.   I visited Rajdhani Restaurant, Forum Mall, Kukatpally, Hyderabad for the food tasting event.

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An Indonesian Delight With Chef Gatot

What more a foodie can ask for when she gets an opportunity to savour her favourite Indonesian delicacy in her hometown itself. Thanks Zomato and Park Hyatt for inviting me to “Masterclass with Chef Gatot”.

The event was organized at Oriental Bar and Kitchen. As the name suggests it serves Asian cuisine. I was there for a masterclass, so beside getting the privilege to savour the dishes I also had the chance to watch and learn the making of my favourite dishes in the kitchen.  It was a four course meal for us that day – a soup, a starter, the main and a lovely dessert. A lovely Sunday lunch it was.

We started with Sato Ayam soup. It was a non-creamy soup with a beautiful lime flavour in it topped with glass noodles and boiled egg. Perfect for Hyderabad summers. Next was Satay Ayam with Peanut sauce. This was a chicken starter grilled with tangy Indonesian peanut sauce. For main course we had Nasi Goreng . For me this was the dish of the day. A flavourful rice with chicken and topped with sunny side up egg. The last leg of the menu was desserts for which we got coconut ice cream with fried banana topped with powder sugar. I am not a banana liking person however I loved the coconut ice cream.

When such a beautiful menu accompanies the great hospitality of Park Hyatt the day can not be lesser than an awesome one. Constant interaction with the chefs and answering our all layman doubts with full of patience and love was the most loving gesture I felt. They have surely raised the bar of service in my mind and I may not like anything lesser than that now. The staff and people around were so loving and caring. That’s the way you fine dine.

The other aspect which any foodie will look into will be interiors and this place score nothing less than full marks. Occupying huge space with a outdoor and indoor seating area this will be a fantastic place to enjoy your meal.

Overall its was a fantastic day for me and I recommend my readers to visit this restaurant whenever they get a chance and most probably you may find me there as well. I am going to visit this place to relive my masterclass days soon.

Thankyou once again Zomato and Park Hyatt !

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Dine O China

We chose this restaurant for a casual dinning experience for our Sunday dinner. This is a new entry in the list of Chinese restaurant in Gachibowli, Hyderabad area.

I personally like the Indian version of Chinese , the spicy one !   So don’t know if people love that non-authentic version or not but I prefer that. So there goes a plus point to the restaurant for that.

The ambiance is pretty nice and comfortable with ample seating area. We chose to sit near the huge glass window overlooking the city lights. I loved the combination of lamp shades they have used, its a mix of red and white in the center and black hammered metal ones on the sides.

For the food we started with lemon coriander soup , crackling spinach and potato, fried chicken wings. I felt the soup was too thick in its texture , I like the lemon coriander soup to flow like water but the taste was good. The crackling spinach and potato was fine would have loved had it more spinach and less potato in it. The fried chicken wings were stunning! In main course we ordered Chili Paneer and Schezwan Noodles. The noodle was nice and chili paneer was awesome. The paneer was cotton soft and just melted in mouth. The best chili paneer I have had in Hyderabad. The quantity of food served was good, one dish was enough for two people.

Now the service. It was remarkable! The staff was very prompt and courteous in their service. The food came very quickly. Then the bill. We paid around Rs 1000. Very economical restaurant.

Overall a great restaurant and we will visit it again on Chinese craving days.

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SKYHY – A rooftop restaurant

First of all thanks to Zomato for the complimentary pass. 🙂

Situated on 5th floor of the building this is a new entry in the list of rooftop restaurants. The restaurant occupies two floors of the building (4th and 5th ) and can be called a full time entertainment zone for both kids and adults. They have a bowling area, two huge screens showing matches on 4th and 5th floor, music and ample seating area to enjoy the fresh breeze.

We went for Sunday dinner and chose to sit on the top most place which gave a nice view of the city lights. I had read on Zomato about the live music but yesterday there was none instead some really loud music playing on speakers.

Now the food! The menu has a variety of Chinese, Indian and Continental cuisine. We ordered for a Ginger Ale and a Mint Melon with Mushroom Tacos for starters. Mushroom Tacos were basically cheese stuffed mushroom with a crispy layer outside served with fries and mayonnaise. I liked the dish however wished it could have been served hot. For main course we ordered a veg cutlet sizzler and penne pasta in arrabiata sauce. The veg cutlet for the sizzler was nice, it had spicy Indian flavours. The pasta was good. Overall enjoyed the food. The bill was around Rs 1200  including taxes for two people.

With good ambiance and food the only thing this place lacks is service. The service was too slow and had almost killed our appetite. We had to ask twice for water as well. If the service quality is improved this can be a regular chill out place in Gachibowli.

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Soups and Salads – A Healthy Affair

Initially I was  reluctant  to visit this place. My doubt was how can I fill my stomach with just soups and salads. That’s not me. I prefer all three meals like a king !

So one day when I decided to follow a strict diet regime but a hunger pang had hit on me, I decided to visit Soups and Salads and satisfy my appetite. To feel less guilty of fact that I am going to breach the diet , I just ordered for a Tandoori Chicken Salad and a Green Tea.

A big bowl of salad came to me with a cup of green tea! I started with my fork and spoon and lifted my head only when the bowl of salad was over. A salad , so tasty !

So now on with or without any diet regime on my mind, I love visiting this place. On my next visit I tried the brown rice with vegetables. It was yummy! The brown rice was cooked perfectly.

The dishes they serve are healthy, tasty and obviously stomach filling. There are many options beside salads and soups like wraps, pastas etc.

The restaurant is compact but nice.  You can see some cooking books placed at one corner of the restaurant. I have seen people enjoying their food and working on laptop simultaneously. It’s a nice place to chill out and avoid extra calories. One more plus will be the price, the restaurant is very economical.  The staff is friendly.

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Little Italy – Restaurant Review

Little Italy is a fine dining Italian restaurant in Hyderabad having several outlets in Hyderabad. Although it is a vegetarian restaurant but I can bet that non-vegetarians will also have a great time here. I recently visited their Hitech City outlet  for lunch and opted for lunch buffet. They have a ala-carte menu too.

First of all, the ambiance of the restaurant is simple yet classy and comfortable. I preferred to get my seat near the huge glass windows which ensure privacy and gave a great view of the high -rise handsome buildings of hitech city and the busy traffic flow.

Now coming to the most essential, the food ! One word to summarise  the entire buffet will be “FANTASTIC”. Little Italy’s lunch buffet was basically a pre-set menu where one get to choose a soup,a starter, a thin crust mini pizza, a pasta / risotto / lasagna. They serve unlimited quantity of fresh juice on table , there is a live counter for salads of your choice and my favourite counter was of various dips, breads and nachos. Oh! a counter for unlimited awesome desserts too !

So for my lunch buffet I took  Creamy Tomato soup and Tomato Bruschetta which was crispy and perfectly oregano flavoured. I tasted both the fresh juices – watermelon and the other was mint flavoured. Then I chose Nawabi Pizza which was a blend of Italian cusine with Indian spices and Risotto. In between I took a round of nachos and breads with different dips like salsa , hummus , mint etc. Finally the dessert and my favourite on that day was mango cheese cake and eggless caramel custard. The dessert was amazing and I could not stop myself from taking the second serving.

The lunch at Little Italy was surely a delight and I am going to visit this place again. The staff was very prompt and courteous. The service was wonderful and beyond expectation. The lunch buffet is around Rs 500 on weekdays and Rs 700 for sunday brunch which makes the whole affair a more worthy deal. The restaurant is surely not overpriced for the quality of food it serves.

I will recommend this place who wants to savour some Italian dishes at an affordable price in Hyderabad.

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